Rising Bronx Artist Sosv Gears Up For New Project “Most Wanted”

From Brooklyn to the Bronx, New York is the birthplace of hip hop, producing some of the greatest most influential artists of all time. While in the past few years NY might have been known for a distinct sound, the newer generation is creating their own lane. Rising artist Sosv from the Bronx credits his borough for exposing him to many different sounds. Hip-Hop legend Lil Wayne exposed the Bronx native to rap, which he combined with his melodic voice to create a sound of his own. “My sound is unique. My bars are different. And I fuck with all types of vibes. There’s no limit to my creativity and not one beat I can’t kill. I feel like many artists out now aren’t as versatile as me.” he stated. From melodic rap, to drill rap, he never fails to disappoint and keeps his fans on the edge. His latest singles “Uzi Flow” and “We Spinnin” have left his fans eager for new music from the up-and-coming artist. His unique sound is a mix of storytelling and narratives creating a true masterpiece. Later this year, Sosv fans can expect a new project titled Most Wanted. Produced by 3 AM, the 15-song tracklist …

ALBUM MODE – [DillanPonders]

This year has brought out a different level of creative energy from Toronto’s DillanPonders. Coming off a strong release with his EP Mushrooms & Melodies, Toronto’s reigning King of the Underground blesses us with his 2nd project before the halfway point in the year. After a few strong single releases, DillanPonders has unleashed his latest LP titled ALBUM MODE. If you’re into gritty lyrics that pack the power of a Will Smith-slap then you’ll be happy to know DillanPonders is back on his BS. Throughout the full 13-track run time, each song shows off how versatile Dillan’s cadence is. If one thing is obvious, Dillan has been in the studio perfecting his craft and the results are incredible. Everything on ALBUM MODE was produced by longtime collaborator BVB, who seems to be in perfect chemistry with Dillan as of late. He seems to master the type of production that allows Dillan to ride the pocket and switch his flows up multiple times within a song, one thing he does impeccably well. One of the biggest standouts from this rollout was one of the album’s singles “Demon Mode” which has Dillan going devilish over a beat that doesn’t let up. Other standouts of Dillan’s …

Hatesonny: The Lemonade Stand Interview

In late 2020, I interviewed Hatesonny for the first time and it was a really good conversation, so I just recently brought him back by the LL office for a second interview on The Lemonade Stand. I spoke to Hatesonny about plenty of topics such as his song “Kill Bill”, blowing up on Tik-Tok, his Golden Child project, when he started making music in 2016, meeting nombreKARI, his collective HL, when he was Tumblr famous, the time he ate 12 Popeyes biscuits, what he’s currently working on, and we even dove into some rare footage of him. This interview was even better this time around now that sonny & I know each other better, check it out for yourself below!

it gets better – [KAMI]

Savemoney affiliate KAMI is an artist that I have been a big fan of for some years now, and 2022 is going to prove to be pivotal for him, so he kicked the year off with a loosie titled “it gets better”. We’ve grown to know KAMI as someone who can create ear-pleasing melodies with ease, oftentimes leaving us in awe with just how smooth he is with it, but this joint takes a different approach. This song finds KAMI taking more of an introspective route, speaking on fallen friends and his past addiction, and I enjoyed this vulnerable side of his music. Steam this brand new record below via Soundcloud, and if you’re a fan of KAMI go ahead and subscribe to The Lemonade Stand channel on Youtube. We have an interview coming very soon with KAMI and you don’t want to miss it! KAMI · it gets better.

Children Play With Fire – [NombreKari]

NombreKari is an artist from the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago who I have been a fan of for a minute now, and just the other day he released his brand new project called “Children Play With Fire”. Earlier this year, Kari dropped an acoustic live performance of his song “Tulips” and I was extremely impressed with it, I took a deeper dive into his catalog afterward and instantly saw the potential that this man possesses. This new project is ten songs in length and offers an array of different sounds, there are storytelling tracks like “LWYEC”, melodic cuts such as “73 Degrees”, and straight-up BANGERS like my personal favorite “Neon Bombs”. There’s just over a handful of features from other talents such as Serena Isioma, Sydny August, Hatesonny, WemmyMo, and more. This was a genuinely good project that I feel is just scratching the surface of Kari’s potential, this kid has a bright future, stay tuned for more.   Also, subscribe to our Lemonade Stand YouTube channel to see our upcoming interview with Nombrekari in two weeks!

Be Right Back – [Piwa]

The other day my brother Eric was telling me about an artist named Piwa, he suggested I listened to her catalog, and this morning I spent a solid thirty minutes listening to her records on Spotify. Today, Piwa is making her debut on our website with her latest offering titled, “Be Right Back”. Out of the handful of songs that she has available on her Spotify, this record was the standout track, in my opinion, it’s unbelievably smooth + sonically pleasing. Piwa is an artist that I am going to be keeping a tab on moving forward, she possesses a ton of potential, and I am excited to see her thrive musically. Hopefully at some point this summer I can bring her by the Lyrical Lemonade office for a Lemonade Stand interview, but until that point, get familiar with her by pressing play below!

Woo Woo Woo – [Ric Wilson]

Ric Wilson is one of the many gems that the city of Chicago has to offer, he is an outstanding musician + an even better person, and today he is back on our website with his new music video for “Woo Woo Woo”. Ric Wilson is a one-of-a-kind individual, he has this infectious energy + aura that surrounds him constantly, you can feel it in any encounter you have with him, but you can especially feel it through his music. This new offering features that classic upbeat energy from Ric as he provided us with an addicting melody matched with an even better visual. Check out this new music video below, and if you are a fan of Ric Wilson, be sure to keep checking our website in the coming weeks, because we have a Lemonade Stand interview coming out with him soon! Directed by A Solo Vision • Produced by melaniac • Photo by @msalisbu

Favorite Girl – [Kye Colors]

Kye Colors is a one-of-a-kind talent, he’s still in the very early stages of his career, but he understands that putting out quality content is the most important thing for him to do. Today, Kye Colors is back on our website with his brand new music video for “Favorite Girl”. He dropped this release on Valentine’s day, which was a very fitting time for this one to come out, and it’s a well-directed visual that compliments the song perfectly. I plan on getting Kye Colors back up to Chicago sometime soon for another interview with him, so subscribe to The Lemonade Stand to be updated when that first releases. For now though, watch this brand new music video below. Directed by Kendu

Under Pressure – [Kembe X] ft. [RexxLifeRaj]

Kembe X is one of the best rappers out of Chicago but that’s no secret, he has been for some years now, and whenever he drops new music I am super eager to check it out! Today, Kembe X is back on our website with the release of his brand new song called “Under Pressure” featuring RexxLifeRaj. Kembe is one of the most musically talented individuals that the city has to offer, he has a special ear and he never puts out any music that’s anything less than sensational, and this song is no exception. Kembe’s last album I Was Depressed Until I Made This was one of my favorites of that year, so I have big expectations for him in 2021, and this single is a good starting point if you ask me. Stream this brand new offering via Spotify below and if you enjoy Kembe’s music, then be sure to subscribe to The Lemonade Stand, because we have an interview dropping with Kembe at the start of next week! Produced by Wolf

How Does It Feel + No Explaination – [Sydny August]

Sydny August is a creative from Chicago that we here at Lyrical Lemonade have been fans of for some years now, and just recently she dropped not one, but two new songs, titled “How Does It Feel” and “No Explanation”. These songs put some of Sydny’s best abilities on full display; her luscious vocal skills, her song-crafting, how she can create memorable melodies with ease, etc. I liked both of these songs a ton, but “How Does It Feel” really stuck out to me, Sydny was in her bag on this song + created a beautiful piece of music that I believe is one of the best songs in her entire catalog. Take some time to listen to these two new records below, and if you enjoy Sydny’s sound, then subscribe to The Lemonade Stand because we have an interview with her coming very soon! Sydny August · how does it feel Sydny August · no explanation