Midsummer Sun ‚Äď [FELIVAND] x [Alan McConnel]

21-year-old producer, singer and songwriter¬†FELIVAND returns with her latest single ‚ÄúMidsummer Sun.‚Ä̬†Following her lead single ‚ÄúTrajectory,‚ÄĚ which received praise from us at¬†Lyrical Lemonade, COLORS,¬†NME (Australia),¬†and more, ‚ÄúMidsummer Sun‚ÄĚ serves as the second track off the rising Australian¬†neo-soul artist‚Äôs forthcoming second EP¬†Nerve, which is due on October 16th. According to the singer,¬†Nerve¬†represents a maturation of her sound; a seamless transition into a slinkier, darker shade of pop that broadens her creative horizons. The project also captures the natural element of anticipatory rush that an artist experiences while coming of age. Co-written & co-produced by Allan McConnel,¬†‚ÄúMidsummer Sun‚ÄĚ dreamily lulls the listener with nostalgia¬†before revealing the vibrancy that lies¬†underneath.¬†¬†In an artistically acute fashion, FELIVAND¬†employs the painful pull of caring for someone who doesn‚Äôt¬†care enough for themselves; she details the helplessness and questioning of watching them give into their own self-destructive tendencies. The strikingly resolute synth chords,¬†crunchy percussion, and warm earthy melodies of FELIVAND bridge the smooth styles of Jorja Smith and Solange, with shades of IGOR-era Tyler, the Creator.¬†Along with this new single, I‚Äôve had the unique privilege of listening to FELIVAND‚Äôs upcoming¬†EP, which is simply stunning in every regard. Had she not been one of my favorite vocalists before,¬†Nerve all but ‚Ķ

Trajectory ‚Äď [FELIVAND]

I first heard of FELIVAND, a phenomenally gifted singer out of Brisbane Australia, when I heard her vocals on Dominic Pierce‚Äôs hit record ‚ÄúStill.‚ÄĚ Real name Felicity Vanderleen, FELIVAND is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer ‚Äst all of which encompass her versatility and originality as a young, yet established artist. With a heaven-scent voice, FELIVAND frequently demonstrates capability in inflection, transitioning from high and low pitched notes with ease. Two years since ‚ÄúStill,‚ÄĚ not only is FELIVAND still releasing music, but she‚Äôs exceeding her previous work; quite frankly, it‚Äôs not even close. Her latest song, ‚ÄúTrajectory,‚ÄĚ is an up-beat offering with production from herself and Allan McConnell. Despite the track‚Äôs beginning subtle tempo, it gains steam rather quickly, particularly at the cue of the addictive chorus. The entire theme of the release is FELIVAND making her intentions clear (to an ex) that the respective individual is off her radar or ‚Äėtrajectory.‚Äô Check out the creative music video below, which was directed and produced by Levi Cranston. Be sure to read the description for additional key credits as well. ¬†