True – [Abhi]

Abhi is a creative emcee out of Illinois who has been featured on our website quite a few times in the past, and tonight he is back with his latest record titled “True”. This song is a little bit different then what we have heard from Abhi prior to this, it’s a little more hard hitting then most of his production is but he handled it very well I must say. You will find Abhi tearing apart this beat with everything from braggadocious & boasting lyrics to reflecting rhymes about what he needs to do moving forward, giving us what I would consider his best flows to date. Listen to this brand new tune below and if you like what you hear then go ahead and follow Abhi on Twitter here!

Not A Fan – [The Chess Club]

One feature of music that always seems to connect with listeners is when you can tell the artists are genuinely having a good time on the mic and not taking themselves too seriously. This is exactly the appeal at hand with The Chess Club’s relentlessly fun new offering, “Not A Fan”. Bright as can be in its instrumental, this candidly honest offering presents the life of an everyday man in a way that any and every kind of listener can appreciate. It feels like the audio version of a warm summer day, and by keeping it light and taking the time to laugh at itself, the lyrics of “Not A Fan” are the perfect cherry on top to the infectious, soulful production. With this, The Chess Club — comprised of Abhi The Nomad, Simon Jefferis, and Natty Reeves — is certainly an act to keep an eye out for, so check out their new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Wait On Me – [Abhi D]

Abhi D has been featured on our pages countless times in the past and today he is back with the release of his brand new music video called “Wait On Me”. Abhi hopped over a bouncy instrumental that sounds like it could be straight out of a video game, and he topped off the beat with some honest & meaningful rhymes to him. It’s been dope to watch Abhi grow as not only an artist over the past fews, but as a person too, he is improving all around. Take a couple minutes out of your day to check out this brand new music video below! Shot + Edited by (@_ValidVisualEnt)

For The Record – [Danny Diamonds]

Making his way to our pages today from the talent-filled land of Boston, an artist by the name of Danny Diamonds is here to keep the stocks rising with his new EP, For The Record. Seven tracks long, this project not only offers up numerous potential hits and summer anthems, but it also sheds light on the star-studded potential that Diamonds truly holds. His artistry arrives in its most mature form to date, and the way that he is able to combine his truly spectacular vocal skills with just the right bubbling production is second to none. Diamonds found his sonic sweet spot and went to work, coming back to the spotlight with one of my favorite projects of 2018, so far. That said, don’t be surprised when you see this name everywhere soon. Danny Diamonds is on the rise, so check out his latest EP at the link below and follow him on Twitter here! Production by Illuid Haller, Glassic, Polyte, K-Rain, Yusei, & Gambi Feature from Abhi The Nomad

Fly High – [Carter Reeves] Ft. [Abhi The Nomad]

An artist by the name of Carter Reeves is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his brand new offering titled “Fly High”. The odds are though that you have probably heard from Carter in the past though, as he was formerly of the band Aer, but he recently went the solo route releasing an EP titled Fresh Fruit along the way. Carter did a fantastic job of creating a memorable melody and paving the way perfectly for Abhi The Nomad, who spent his life bouncing from New Delhi to Hong Kong and everywhere in between. Stream this brand new record below and let me know what you think about it in the comments section!

Get It Freestyle – [Abhi D]

If you are a daily follower of Lyrical Lemonade then you have surely seen Abhi D’s name on the website at least once or twice, and today the Chicagoland native is making his way back on our platform with his brand new freestyle track titled “Get It”. Abhi brought a ton of energy to the table on this offering, but that’s no surprise if you are familiar with his catalog, and he absolutely picked apart this Saikrips production perfectly. Listen to this brand new joint below & let me know if you’re feeling it in the comments!

Last Place – [Abhi]

If you know anything about Lyrical Lemonade then you surely know about Abhi, who is making his way back on our platform tonight with his brand new recorded titled “Last Place”. Abhi connected with producer ShyneBoy who hooked him up with the ear grabbing & bouncy instrumental, and he brought not only an extremely melodic hook to the table, but also some impressive bars. Abhi has been providing his growing fan base with solid records one after another, hopefully we will hear a full length project from him some time in the near future. Until we get to that point though, stream the new song below & let me know if you like it in the comments section!

Same Shit – [Abhi]

Abhi is certainly no stranger to our pages, so i was happy to find he put out a brand new record for his growing fan base titled “Same Shit.” On this one you will find Abhi attacking a bouncy and smooth instrumental, complimenting it perfectly with his rapid flows and witty rhymes. Abhi has simply been too underrated for too long, get in tune with him by pressing play below, and if you like it make sure you give him a follow here!

Jockey – [Demo] & [Abhi]

Today we are happy to bring you a brand new record titled “Jockey” by Demo & Abhi. This song has a very up-tempo & playful beat, it sounds like the type of instrumental that D.R.A.M. would hop on. Demo started this one off on a positive note with a catchy hook & solid verse, before Abhi came through & absolutely bodied everything in site. You don’t want to sleep on this tune, give it some love below!

WHO?IS?THAT? – [BRENTRAMBO] x [] & [Abhi D]

BRENTRAMBO just blessed the world with a brand new banger titled “WHO?IS?THAT?” featuring fellow Chicago natives Warhol & Abhi. Brent provided a hard hitting, bouncy & addicting beat that Warhol & Abhi picked apart perfectly, making for an all around great listen. Be ready for Warhol to start off the track with a catchy hook as well as a solid verse, before Abhi picked up right where he left off as he gave us some great bars using an extremely rapid flow. Check out the new soon below & be sure to follow all these guys on Twitter. BRENTRAMBO • Warhol • Abhi