2 Action 2 Park – [Dolphin Talk] & [Stephen Niday]

I love the music industry, but if there is one thing that I feel needs to be fixed is the credit that producers receive. They are responsible for pretty much setting up rappers and singers for success because an emcee can be the most talented person in the world, but with subpar beats or average effects, the song will never become a hit no matter how hard they try. So, when producers team up to release projects that showcase their range while also bringing some incredible spitters together, I don’t think it can get much better. Dolphin Talk and Stephen Niday may be two new names on my radar, but after hearing their latest album 2 Action 2 Park which is a follow-up to their original Action Park project, I knew I was going to be an instant fan. On this tape, both producers really flex their production muscles, but I feel like they have to with such a wide variety of guest verses. You can hear incredible artists such as ATL Smook, Big Baby Scumbag, Rx Nephew, BabyTron, and so many other talented emcees throughout this project, and since each spitter seems to have a fairly different individualistic sound, …

Zone 2 Zone – [SenseiATL]

SenseiATL has been one of the unsung heroes of the Atlanta underground music scene, having his hand in countless songs and trends that have shaped his city, soundcloud, and even mainstream sonic trends, pushing the trap style forwards through the past decade and continuing to innovate as the ’20’s roll forwards. His bag is endlessly deep and he creates everything from bouncy and melodic r&b instrumentals to being one of the foremost architects of the ‘Atlanta-drill’ sound if you will. His catalog is formidable and has aided dozens of artists to finding their best sounds and has the consistency as well as variety to always suit whoever he is working with. I was very excited to see him recently unveil his latest EP Zone 2 Zone, giving us only three tracks but coming from a trio of his earliest and most frequent collaborators, Tony Shhnow, 10kdunkin, and ATLSmook and Sensei understands their styles and preferred pockets intimately, making this EP incredibly short in run-time but very potent in substance. He and Tony’s intro “Die Rich” is one of my very favorite Tony songs in what has become one of music’s deepest repertoires as Tony has flooded the streets with tape after tape …

Stay Strapped, Vol. 2 – [STRAPPED!]

I was thrilled when STRAPPED! dropped their first official project last year as they have been an invaluable asset to the underground community for years both as a blog and SoundCloud hosting services, giving us our first listen to more links and snippets than I could count, as well as giving emerging artists a greater platform to expose their songs to. Their latest release, Stay Strapped, Vol. 2 follows their debut last year but have reloaded in terms of the artists they featured, even with a few repeat appearances. The twenty track project encapsulates almost every notable sound in underground rap today, ranging from the endless bars of Tony Shhnow, to the melodic plugg-stylings of BoofPaxkMooky, or the autotuned crooning of Pollari, with a number of flavors in between, truly giving a comprehensive sample of what is coming out of SoundCloud today. The tape features: Tony Shhnow, Draft Day, 10kdunkin, Stunna Cold, ATL Smook, Lil Xelly, BBKnight, Texako, BoofPaxkMooky, IceBirds, DC2Trill, FLEE, 1600j, MDMA, Destroy Lonely, Lil Candypaint, Thouxanbanfauni, Lil Yen, Bear1Boss, and Pollari. I am looking forwards to Volume 3 and cannot wait to see which new faces are selected for that project, as well as hearing how much the …

I Love Cashcache 2 – [CashCache!]

Atlanta’s Cashcache! has been one of the foremost breakout producers in the entire underground rap world that is clearly derived from the plugg-sounds of Mexikodro and StupidXool that first captivated SoundCloud in 2015-16 but never quite had the true mainstream moment most fans thought it deserved, despite numerous big songs that helped forge their almost god-like cult-followings in the producer community and greater rap world. Nonetheless a new crop of artists are popping up on SoundCloud almost daily looking to revive or build off of this classic internet sound and Cashcache has led the charge as far as working to further expand the sonic possibilities of the sub-genre, making at times stripped back and minimal plugg beats that are almost borderline jazz rap or futuristic and warped ideations that push plugg music further onto the razor sharp tip of hip-hop’s cutting edge. Cashcache’s new mixtape I Love CashCache 2 builds on the sonic achievements that he has found this year most notably with 10kDunkin, Tony Shhnow, and BoofPaxkMooky but also introduces and co-signs a host of new artists as well making noise in the current underground realm. “Deacon Tony” has been one of my favorite Cash and Tony Shhnow collaborations since I …

Garden – [BoofPaxkMooky]

Atlanta producer CashCache has long been a favorite of many in the underground for his glittery and sanguine instrumentals that are distinctly plugg influenced, citing Mexikodro as his main production inspiration, and has worked tirelessly to evolve his sound even further and make his jazz/plugg/pop hybrid even more distinguishable than it already was in the first place. When you hear ‘CashCache type beat’ now, one will immediately be able to place likely both the sound and mood of the track even before pressing play and that is perhaps the most awe inspiring part of his art as he has very intentionally created a sound that is unmistakably his. Recently he and BoofPaxkMooky, an artist who has been a main collaborator of Cash’s for some time now, connected for a new mixtape entitled Garden. Both Cash and Mooky shine and are very much in their bags and Mooky shows off his distinctive melodic but slightly off-beat and constantly inflecting flow that will be well-received by fans of artists like Duwap Kaine or ATL Smook. “Downy” is one of my favorite tracks off of the project and includes the first feature of the project coming from 1600j. “Be Yourself” will be a familiar beat …

Lineman – [1OKDunkin] [ATL Smook] [CashCache]

10kDunkin, ATL Smook, and CashCache have all been three integral parts to the rich Atlanta underground scene and recently this trio connected with DIGGERS to bring Smook and 10k’s visual for “Lineman” to life. CashCache’s instrumental is bright and sanguine and is no surprise why he has been a favorite of many new artists and is building a rather large catalogue of releases. ATL Smook and 10kDunkin each ride this beat perfectly and I would say that “Lineman” is a perfect introduction to this prolific pair. 2020 has already been a big year for these two and it only appears that they will continue to develop as artists and further solidify their growing fanbases.

LL Presents: The 458Keez Q&A

458 Keez was recently put on my radar after being put on his Ronny J-produced hitter Batmobile featuring the likes of Ski Mask The Slump God & Wifisfuneral. Having only a few releases on his SoundCloud, I wanted to get to know more about 458 and the come-up alongside some of Florida’s biggest names in music right now and also, let it be known that he’s the next to pop out of the Sunshine State. Be sure to check out his Q&A with LL below and let us know which artist you want in a featured discussion next! _ J: First, let our audience know who 458 is and what’s been going on in your life lately. K: My name is 458Keez, I’m from Orlando, FL. Let’s just say Keez stands for the old lifestyle that I used to live. 458 stands for moving at a faster pace. My dream car is a Rari so when I came home from prison I put 458 in front of my name. I just moved out to LA from Florida after my tour with Wifisfuneral. Outside of that, there’s been a lot of movement. I’ve been working with Hayden Tree, Dj Flippp, Morgoth Beats and …

Twenty Mill – [Smooky MarGielaa] x [Kodie Shane]

Smooky MarGielaa’s promising ascent to hip-hop prominence seems to get a turbo-boost with each new release. “Twenty Mill” showcases the 15-year-old prodigy and A$AP Mob affiliate demonstrating why he earned that coveted cosign in the first place. Just as promising and just as essential to this track’s success is rising Atlanta rap star, Kodie Shane. She comes in with her signature melodic style, executing slick rhymes in the process. Together, these two young artists create an expertly crafted collaboration, letting both of their individual strengths feed off one another. They trade auto-tuned bars, ad-libs and harmonies with the confidence of seasoned veterans. As the two rapper’s careers continue to flourish, it’s exciting to hear them both jump on a song. Hopefully “Twenty Mill” is not the last we’ll get to hear of Smooky and Kodie together.  

The Rude Tape: #Us #Never #Them – [Atl Smook] x [Yung Peso]

Atl Smook and Yung Peso return to our pages today, this time together as they drop off a new project titled, “The Rude Tape: #Us #Never #Man.” The two young rappers team up with powerhouse producer DP Beats on this one who lays down some insane production throughout the project. Smook and Peso do a great job of colliding their sounds together on this one giving us an all around masterpiece. Be sure to check out the Red Light executively produced project below and let us know what you think in the comments!


BOOFBOIICEY, WARHOL.SS, ATL SMOOK. A dream team in their own respect, this trio is here today to offer fans a new banger titled “On Go”, topped off with hypnotic production from SWVSH that brings this sparkling single to another level. It’s everything I expected and more from three of today’s most rapidly-rising artists, and I can’t get over just how well the mood is set for each artist to float over. “On Go” simply doesn’t have a weak link, bound to run the numbers up and keep the stocks rising for all three rappers. If you weren’t aware of the wave that they’re creating right now, I recommend clicking play and getting hip to a few of the premier talents in the game right now. Listen to “On Go” below.