Get Refreshed: The Unreal World of zootzie, The Real World of glaive, and raegun Responds With Ease

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Nick D’Apolito Preface: In Memory of Lucas Foster This column is not the place for mourning, but it certainly is the place for memorializing. So much has been said about the impact of Lucas Foster – a beyond-exceptional writer who suddenly passed away this weekend – by so many others far closer to him; as a longtime admirer of his work, craft, and overall presence in the grander music blogging space, however, I feel as though I have a necessity to extend my greatest gratitude for what he was able to do during his short, yet remarkably resounding life as an equal-parts human being and master of their craft.  Be it subconsciously or direct as can be, reading the work of Lucas whenever I could inspired many of the undertakings I went through in my much more active blogging days. He was the ever-true root that others, and even he himself, grew out of as this online blogging landscape blossomed more and more over time. By extension of this notion, it would be difficult to dispute that anyone …

Still – [1Dada4ever]

One of the best ways to find music is still word of mouth. One of the homies actually brought this kid 1Dada4ever to my attention and he’s actually from my backyard here in Charlotte, North Carolina. There’s so much talent littered across the state the only thing is that it can be kind of cliquey at times. I was told this kid is in a similar space as rising rapper SoFaygo. If you’re up to date on a lot of the underground rappers SoFaygo is one of the main names who people believe can make a jump to the mainstream this year. 1Dada4ever shows flashes all across his Soundcloud discography of what his potential could be, trust me I went through and listened to every single he’s put out so far. His single “Still” ended up being the record I’ve been running back the most so far mainly because of how enticing his flow over the ninetyniiine and 4am production. It’s still early and this is still really raw but 1Dada4ever might break out by the end of 2021 or early 2022. Stream 1Dada4ever’s record “Still” and see if you’re rocking with him below.

Talk – [ninetyniiine] x [1dada4ever]

The realms of pure and unfiltered r&b have seldom been crossed by the current-day online music scene. Though artists have certainly taken various cues from the genre, it has always been one of a select few styles that have yet to be embellished upon with a full-scale effort.  If any producer amongst this landscape were to try their hand at accomplishing this foray into the genre, there is no one better equipped than Novagang’s very own ninetyniiine. This standout production force has made a living out of crafting together some of the most spacious and extraordinary sounds into dense, all-encompassing experiences in the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music alike; their interest in diving into the r&b world is completely substantiated in every single manner imaginable given their unignorable talents and creative intuition. Their next step into this untapped lane comes in the form of “Talk” — their most recent single and first-ever collaboration with rising scene talent 1dada4ever. Utilizing Dada’s outstanding talents of their own, these two craft together something of a definitive statement with this track that spells out how wide-open and fascinating this particular approach is with the right care and talent infused into an offering.  Ninetyniiine’s …