POOR – [$avvy]

It’s been a minute since we last heard from Nashville multihyphenate $avvy. Following the release of his last project Boys Wear Pearls early last year. Save for last summer’s lone single “Calling It Quits”, it’s been mostly radio silence from our young king. If you live on the east coast you might have been able to catch $avvy perform live, but chances are you’ve been just like me – patiently waiting for new music from one of Nashville’s most exciting newcomers. Luckily today fans are treated to a project many months inthe making, POOR, the newest LP from $avvy himself. Known for his unique take on R&B and hip-hop, POOR sees $avvy flexing his artistic talents even further while sounding more concentrated than ever before. This is a theme that comes up frequently on POOR, as each track showcases a new musical style and aspect of versatility from the young Tennessee artist that fans have missed over the past year. POOR‘s opening track “CALL” features a serene and shimmering mix that sees $avvy leveling his own modern style with a vintage 90’s R&B sensibility. The next minute he’s spitting bars on “CRUCIAL” with laid-back confidence over a nostalgic mix that sounds like it could …

Calling it Quits – [$avvy]

Nashville-based artist $avvy is back again today with a new single titled “Calling It Quits,” his first new single since his Valentines’ Day project Boys Wear Pearls, capitalizing on all of the momentum he has currently after having given a very memorable series of live performances across his city, electrifying crowds of young people as well as the more intellectual older side the scene, and if you know Nashville at all you know that this is not an easy feat. This track is especially mellow and shows off $avvy’s vocal gifts and constantly improving and evolving songwriting skills that he established on Boys Wear Pearls. I am really looking forward to more music from $avvy and hope we can get some more new visual content from him here soon.

Zack & Cody – [$avvy]

Nashville’s $avvy made an almost unforgettable introduction to his city’s music community with his debut project Boys Wear Pearls that released this past Valentines’ Day that was met with immediate acclaim both from critical and local feedback standpoints, and the twenty-one-year-old artist is only heating up. In this newest visual, $avvy teams up with Tennessee mainstay and frequent Isaiah Rashad and TDE collaborator Josh Nachoz to craft a visual to $avvy’s track “Zack & Cody” off of BWP and $avvy recruited his real life twin brother Freddy and all of his friends to party in a Nashville motel for the video. Nachoz brought this fun and youthful atmosphere to life beautifully with a sort of upbeat noir to it that made the visual look equal parts romantic and exciting. $avvy shows off his gentle vocals and clever songwriting on this track and exhibits all of the swagger and charisma that has made it so easy for him to energize a following in his city. $avvy is definitely two-for-two on visuals now, especially after last month’s memorable release to his project’s intro “Cannot Do” and I am really, really eager to see what else he is capable of visually.

Cannot Do – [$avvy]

Nashville’s $avvy made an almost unforgettable introduction to his city’s music community with his debut project Boys Wear Pearls that released this past Valentines’ Day that was met with immediate acclaim both from critical and local feedback standpoints, and the twenty-one-year-old artist is only heating up. Today he returns with the directorial assist of The Vision who brought his track to life with the visual for the project’s intro “Cannot Do” that is as artsy as it is turnt, only scratching the surface of what he will be able to do visually going forwards. $avvy’s project was undeniably phenomenal and he clearly has a tremendous future on his hands but is still just beginning to find his sound and visual identity despite his unshakeable charisma and original swagger. I am so excited to see what visuals follow this release for $avvy and I can’t wait to see how he follows the now legendary Boys Wear Pearls project musically.

Zoom – [$avvy]

Nashville native $avvy is back with yet another great track in 2020, this time called “Zoom.” The song is a bubbly trap banger with an addicting hook, and it proves that $avvy only gets better with time. This is the first single from his upcoming album boys wear pearls, and if this track is any indication, we are about to have a very special project on our hands. $avvy’s flow here is the best it has ever been, and he switches it up with a number of different vocal inflections that guide the track from start to finish. The hook is infectious but feels effortless coming from $avvy. The beat here, produced by @cam.flp,  features multiple synthesizers that compliment each other along with some strong drums that drive the track forward. $avvy is only leveling up with each new track he puts out, and it’s only a matter of time before people start recognizing his incredible talent. Check out the neat visualizer for “Zoom” down below, shot by @ecnarc, and check out the track on all streaming platforms here!

Bag/Purse – [$avvy] x [Mike Floss]

Nashville transplant $avvy has been making waves since coming to the Music City last year, alongside his group The Lil Homies (who have already made their respective Lyrical Lemonade debut several months ago). $avvy’s latest single “Bag/Purse” is a sleepy, yet sanguine single, produced by Unhappy Hank and Ohdee, that opens with $avvy’s simple yet sticky hook, leading into his calmly braggadocious verse. The song features Nashville native Mike Floss who delivers a solid guest verse, and I particularly enjoyed his allusion to Quanie Cash who was a local star in his own right nearly two decades ago, and this lyric linked three generations of the Nashville underground and it makes me very happy to see the continued development of this rarely journalized but talent-rich scene.

6 A.M. – [$avvy]

Sometimes a music video can really elevate a song to the next level. It’s not that the song can’t stand by itself, but that sometimes visuals can more easily convey an artist’s message and show their true artistry. This is how I feel about $avvy’s new track and video “6 A.M.”, which features some visuals that ought to make anyone do a double-take. $avvy’s image and overall aesthetic has been impressing me for a while, and his ability to capitalize on this with his distinct music and visuals makes him the real deal to me.  Sonically with “6 A.M.” we get some pretty subdued boom-bap production, done by the man himself, and some personable bars from $avvy, who drops just one verse here, full of solid rhyme schemes and nice double entendres. He mostly speaks on the reality of having to work hard once you grow up, and the visuals depict this perfectly, with great costume design that switches throughout the video mirroring his lyrics. The video most notably features a pretty simple but effective editing technique, one that depicts $avvy in a new scene, and thus a different situation, every time someone walks by the camera. After working hard …

990 – [$avvy]

Finding songs that feel like a breath of fresh air from undiscovered artists is a great feeling, and the newest artist to give me that feeling is $avvy, who is on our first pages for the first time with his new single “990”. The Nashville-native’s vocal presence is what stood out to me first. His vocals are laid back, and exquisitely suit the song’s ethereal production. There’s a sense of tranquility to $avvy’s dexterous cadence that lets allows his likable personality to shine through on the track. Along with this, the infectious but effortless hook is quite playful, notably leading with “if your dad say he like my fit, that’s a compliment”. Entertaining wordplay continues throughout the track, and only further piques my interest in $avvy as an artist as the track progresses. The hypnotizing production on here, courtesy of David Hamilton of the Tennessee-based “Lil Homies” collective, features a couple of subtle but mesmerizing melodies, making for an easy listen, and tasteful reverb is added to the drums throughout the track. $avvy shows off everything I’m looking for in a rap song from a new rap artist: a well-produced and accommodating beat, a distinct voice with some personality, and …