Ysl – [Koi]

While production and melody are foundational in making a song catch, I’d argue that songwriting is perhaps the central component of a great song. Not only does the energy of a song stem from its lyrics, but the sound, emotion, etc. are all dependent upon the artist’s pen. And so, today we’re here to introduce Koi — an Alabama-raised, LA-based talent who recently released a fantastic example of such, “Ysl.”

Produced by Koi and @prodxoasis, “Ysl” brings forth an intriguing dichotomy: designer-labeled lyrics, but with a melancholy tone, noting the distance between the two. On one hand, the track’s high-octane drum work sets the ground for Koi’s emotive lyrics, while on the other, it’s the hint of sadness that really fuels the song’s direction. Bringing both into one earworm release, Koi finds the perfect balance between each, and does so in a thoughtful way, even ending the song on a devolved, low-tempo note that perfectly wraps things up.

While “Ysl” balances two differing images on each hand, Koi’s mind for songwriting is what makes this one so great. It’s catchy as hell, sure, but in regards to crafting a memorable release, Koi was able to check off a box that few artists can match. Oh, and I forgot to mention — over 100k streams later, it’s worth mentioning that this song was recorded in a car.

Koi clearly has a natural knack, so don’t sleep. Stream “Ysl” below and be on the lookout for more!