Your Heart – [Chris Chand] feat. [Aria Bléu]

Canada-based multi-instrumentalist Chris Chand returns with his new single, “Your Heart,” featuring Aria Bléu. The singer-songwriter made an impressive introduction for himself with his previous release, “Shine,” and is back with another mood-inducing example of his musicality, and ear for euphorically immersive R&B. Co-produced alongside HMLT, Chris Chand and company create a breezy atmosphere as Chand croons about the troubles of the heart and its seemingly endless rollercoaster of ups-and-downs. The soulful feature from Aria Bléu is as fitting as they come, providing a back-and-forth between Chand and Bléu as she enters the single with a warm contrast to Chand’s brighter vocals adding a sweet layer of lush to the kaleidoscope chasm of production. 

Listen to “Your Heart,” by Chris Chand featuring Aria Bléu below.