Yellow – [Rich Brian] ft. [Bekon]

One of my favorite artists is back with a new sound.

Reflective and emotional, Rich Brian talks about the anxiety and pressures that come with being famous on his newest single, ‘Yellow.’ Right off the bat, a very thought provoking question is asked, ‘How do I disappear without anybody knowing? Will anybody even miss me when I’m gone?’ Folks, Brian is getting older… in a good way.

With his past album reaching number one on the charts, the young artist has risen to fame at an alarming rate. Brian has quickly evolved into an artist, and not just a rapper with a fanny pack (big fan of fanny packs by the way).

With sporadic and unpredictable production, and an incredible feature from Bekon, ’Yellow,’ is a incredibly transformative offering by Brian.

Only time will tell where he takes on his next musical venture.

Words by Barry R