Xxotic 2.0 – [Why Cue]

New York native Why Cue is quickly racking up streams on his newest album Xxotic 2.0, a 12-track project that release December 31.

The versatile artist has been featured all over the hip-hop industry, as his first album Xxotic accumulated millions of streams, and the video to his single “Good Drank” featured on Worldstarhiphop in 2021 is at over 320,000 views.

This album is a puzzle, in which all 12 pieces contribute their own style and image.

The project open up with a bang in “Fanta,” which features him lighting the fuse for the rest of the tracks. It’s a hell of an attention getter, and drew listeners in from the jump, as it has the highest stream count among all tracks with over 18K listens already.

“N***** be broke in real life, but they all flexin’ for the camera.”

This theme of money-motivation reigns prevalent throughout the album’s entirety, especially in songs like “Rewards” and “Fashionably Late,” which match the same energy given off by the first track with heavy instrumentals and well-layered vocals.

Songs like “Gelato,” “Overseas” and “Knots,” brought out the best in Why Cue, with beats that allow his voice to flawlessly float as he displays power and precision in every bar. These three bangers match what I think are his best style, with unfiltered emotion and tone that is palpable with every syllable.

Though those tracks may have stuck with me the most, a different vibe that I thoroughly enjoyed came in other tracks; “Money Galore,” “Like This,” “Fantastic,” and “Glow Up.” These well-made pieces featured catchy choruses with filtered vocals over mystical video-game-like beats, which I found as fabulous changeups from some of the other aggressive tracks. They seem to allow Why Cue’s voice to surf, letting the beats breathe as he supplements them with more melodic tones.

Emotion and pain are significant in multiple tracks, including “Contemplating,” where he speaks of relationship issues and regret on how things could’ve been:

“All the times I fucked up, had to get it off my chest, you was always right there, just to clean up all my mess.”

Additionally, “Fake Friends Turn to Enemies,” gives a look into struggle and pain that he’s experienced over a more somber theme, again finding a way to incorporate various feelings and emotions throughout the album.

As Why Cue continues to solidify a name for himself deeper into the industry, Xxotic 2.0 offers an impressive look into what we can expect from this already successful and versatile artist.

Listen to it on Spotify below!