Curtis Roach first caught my ear in 2017 when he released his energetic Highly Caffeinated mixtape, and since then, the Detroit artist has been pushing his jazz-influenced sound to even more exciting places. Today, Roach returns with a music video for his latest single, “WJIT”.

Taking form as “Curtis the Jit Man’, Roach brings us to the roller rink for an ultimate homage to Detroit’s influential dance scene. The track itself also takes inspiration from the city’s dance music, incorporating the upbeat rhythms that powered the viral fast footwork movement. Roach embodies this energy with finesse, simultaneously boastful and carefree in his verses. It’s hard to stay still while bumping “WJIT”, and after watching its equally infectious visual accompaniment, you’ll probably be looking up the closest roller rink near you too.

Check out this one below and let us know what you think in the comments!