WIT DAT – [10K Kobee] ft. [Lil Romo]

I might’ve first found out about Chicago’s very own 10K Kobee when he teamed up with the DCG brothers for his song “VLONE”, but ever since I heard that, I realized he’s much more than a one-hit-wonder. Another hitmaker in the city, Lil Romo, was also just put on my radar late last year when I helped contribute to Lyrical Lemonade’s Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2020 where he came in at number 42 for his project King Without A Crown, an amazing album that truly showcased each and every skill that he has perfected, and while it was an awesome project without a doubt, he’s only just getting started.

While I’m always here for fellow Chicagoans working together, I never imagined a 10K and Romo collab in my wildest dreams. Luckily, I don’t have to dream considering they made it a reality with their latest release “WIT DAT”. Over an intense, piano-driven beat full of sharp hats and thunderous drums, 10K delivers a hook that is somewhat simplistic but beyond catchy, leaving the flow stuck in your head first and foremost before even memorizing the lyrics.

When he comes in for his verse, though, it almost sounds like his voice completely changes as he dives into different cadences, some of which almost remind me slightly of NLE Choppa flows with a twist. Finally, when we arrive at Romo’s verse, he goes completely off the rails with some of the most dominant cadences I’ve heard from him to date. His words might be rapid-fire, but he annunciates every syllable to make sure his message is heard as loud and clear as possible, leaving us with possibly one of his best verses yet.

Thankfully, this dynamic duo teamed up with VisionsbyAG and Str8DropCaliph to shoot a music video, and they truly did a remarkable job of capturing the city as well as showing off some of the flex-worthy lifestyles that they’ve worked hard for. Opening up on what looks like the top of a parking garage in the middle of some tall, reflective buildings, the squad hangs out in and around a bright red Ferrari which happens to be the main scene throughout the visual. Whether they’re on top of the garage or in various other settings, they make sure to show off their luxurious garments, stacks of cash, and diamond-studded jewelry in order to show viewers that they’re really about the things they’re talking about, and their lyrics aren’t just words they aimlessly speak.

Although 10K Kobee and Lil Romo might only be local legends at the moment, they’re both creating some of the best music in the entire city and it’s only a matter of time before they start to capture the attention of the rest of the country. It seems as if Drill music is a local phenom that people from the city love and only a few artists have made it to the mainstream, but I think it’s about time that it gets nationally recognized, and I think these two talents can truly help make that happen. Whether or not this happens, 10K and Romo are going to keep grinding the only way they know-how, so make sure to show them some support and tune into their most recent release entitled “WIT DAT”.