Winter – [Danny Brown]

Certain emcees have grinded for many years, putting blood, sweat, and tears into their music to get to the position they’re in today, and it seems like the current generation just doesn’t have the patience or a similar work ethic to put in the time and dedication to gain notoriety. Well, one of the most infamous OGs in the game is Danny Brown, a Michigan spitter who needs no introduction at all, but I’ll give him one anyways.

Danny was one of the first people I ever experienced (and actually appreciated) try something outrageous as far as vocals are concerned, and with his flows and lyricism shining brightly alongside these captivating styles, I was entranced from the very first time I tapped in. His album Old is still a project that I will revisit regularly, but my favorite memory was seeing him live in 2014 at the Pitchfork Music Festival here in Chicago which still stands as one of the most entertaining, energized performances I’ve ever experienced with my own two eyes.

If you’re a fan, you know that we’ve heard more crickets over the past few years than we have new music, but with so much going on in his world including bringing his Bruiser Brigade label into the spotlight and starting a podcast, it is impossible to constantly appease everyone. Luckily, today ends that streak as Danny took to SoundCloud to quietly and discretely drop a brand-new single called “Winter”, ending his almost 3-year solo release drought in a massive way.

He even self-produced this hit, using an ethereal, flute-driven melody that coincides with pouncing 808s and prattling instruments. As far as his vocals go, he brings back his higher-pitched, swift cadence that just runs circles all over the track, never slowing down regardless of how hard his bars continue to unravel. “Winter” is rumored to be a single off of an upcoming album entitled Quaranta, and while no further information has surfaced surrounding this highly anticipated effort, I’m certainly going to keep my eyes peeled so I don’t miss out on anything Danny Brown-related moving forward.