Winners – [Smoko Ono] ft. [Yxng Bane] [Chance the Rapper] & [Joey Purp]

Chicago never fails to impress me, and I know I say that in pretty much any article I write about a Chicago artist, but the simple fact is that it’s just so true. While Chief Keef created waves a decade ago and put the drill scene on the map, Chance the Rapper proved to the rest of the world that there is a different side of Chicago music, and so many other artists continue to make this point known with all of the diverse sounds coming out of the Windy City.

Smoko Ono is a producer from Chi-Town who has been creating the soundtrack for so many different artists, and his versatility behind the production software is truly something that amazes me every time. Things only get better and better when you add in a few Chicago friends of his on any song, and most recently he recruited Chance and Joey Purp as well as British emcee Yxng Bane for their song “Winners”, and this is the perfect, lighthearted record that you need in your life sooner rather than later.

Opening up with Smoko’s dancehall-inspired production, he incorporates fresh, joyous melodies alongside consistently tapping percussion and thumping, tempo-setting drums that really get the party started. Yxng Bane takes the hook on this track, providing us with a fun, optimistic chorus that combines some appealing flows with cheerful melodies that you’re going to find yourself singing along with for days to come.

Joey Purp enters in the first verse, showing off a bit more of a tuneful delivery that’s melodic yet full of impressive cadences that show off his dexterity that is very clearly abundant. Chance takes over the second verse, showing off his bubbly personality while quickening his delivery at times in order to prove that he hasn’t lost any of his skills over the years even slightly. This song is as upbeat and buoyant as it gets, and even though we’re entering the fall and winter months, “Winners” is the breath of fresh air you need in your life as soon as you find a moment to listen and check out the Nick Lipton & the Gang-directed music video.