What it Was – [Lil Gotit] ft. [Future]

Lil Keed just dropped Trapped on Cleveland 3 last week and it’s been buzzing ever since. Keed is one of my absolutely favorite Atlanta artists and has been for quite some time now, and it’s through him that I found out about his younger brother, Lil Gotit. The two artists have obviously similar sounds and styles considering they’re siblings and their mentors include legends like Young Thug and Future, but they do have somewhat distinct qualities within their individual offerings that do set them apart, undoubtedly. At the same time, I do love it when they decide to hop on songs together because the chemistry and the connection they have shows off a bond that only brothers can possess, and it’s clear every time they work together.

Most recently, however, Gotit didn’t want to let his big brother have all the fun this week, so he decided to surprise fans with a brand-new visual for his Future-assisted track that came out in late June called “What It Was”. Back when this single first dropped, I covered the song itself so I won’t go too heavily into detail about that, but I couldn’t help but write about the video that now shows off these two talents. As the scene is set, the camera pans across a floor and eventually raises up to show the two artists dancing around in front of a lime green Lamborghini. This setting is inside of some sort of photography studio or warehouse that’s being lit up by some rotating spotlights that add a bit of life to the already appealing and vibrant studio. Their outfits are as colorful as the car is and a strobe light that seems to be behind the camera, out of sight of the lens flashes on them, providing some more movement to the scene containing the duo.

There’s a shot of Future as he comes in to spit his verse that shows him in a dark room that has a rectangular light shining on him as if he’s standing in a door leading down another path in life and he’s deciding if he should continue to enter this new scene or not. Quick transitions from shot to shot make it slightly tough to truly make in-depth observations for the plethora of scenes, but this also provides some intriguing rhythm that plays with the tempo of the track nicely.

There’s this neon cross in the pair’s rearview that seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout this visual, but in all honesty, I’m not entirely sure if it represents a certain religious ideology or if it’s there for some other reason. Randomly, a shot of a half-naked woman is show dancing and crawling around so although the two rappers aren’t present in this scene, she is shown during moments as the rest of the video progresses so although they’re quick glimpses, she also appears multiple times throughout. When Gotit comes in, he is in another shadowy room while red smoke fills the space behind him as he spits his bars and dances around. Aside from the rapidly rotating camera clips and angles, the only clear effects that are used almost come off as if they look like they’re in the Matrix as digital numbers and colors pop onto the screen out of nowhere and exit just as quickly.

Ever since this song came out, I’ve been playing it consistently and although I did enjoy it at first, it has grown on me even more to the point where I probably revisit it a few times a day. I’m happy that we received a music video because seeing a legend Like Future actually come together and vibe with a promising up and comer like Gotit is always fun to watch. While this might not be the most inventive or intricate music video I’ve ever seen, it’s yet another piece of content that can be added to Gotit’s constantly evolving arsenal of releases. This is impressive in and of itself because usually artists with the fairly high recognition level that Gotit has don’t produce as high of output as him. He’s clearly constantly working and grinding to truly prove he’s more than just Lil Keed’s brother, which is abundantly evident to me, but this hunger is undoubtedly admirable, to say the least. Lil Gotit definitely has another W in his win column with his brand-new music video for his track “What It Is” featuring Future, so make sure you tune in below as soon as you get a chance.