Watch L3MON’s Latest Interview

During the week of Summer Smash 2022, L3MON (Web 3 leg of Lyrical Lemonade) hosted Carton NFT holders in Chicago for a holder-only event & the music festival. Our friends over at NFTNow came to town at the same time to document what the L3MON team has been building and got the chance to chat with holders and team members. The video consists of interviews with LL founder Cole Bennett, Toni Sudimac, and L3MON team members Jarrito & Wags all speaking on the potential Lyrical Lemonade has in Web 3. The coverage of the holder event included brief talks with Carton NFT holders on what their experiences have been thus far and what they’re most excited about in the future with L3MON. 

To learn more about L3MON and Lyrical Lemonade’s approach in this new vertical, be sure to check out the interview below!