Washington St – [24Lefteye]

Atlanta’s trendiest upcoming rapper 24Lefteye is back with a new visual this month for his track “Washington St.” that showcases his unique flow and complex wordplay skating all over the stripped back and minimalist production that allows his bars to stand in stark contrast to the beat. The Henxhmen Gang affiliate has been making quite the name for himself in the city alongside the currently incarcerated Ola Runt and is proving worthy to fulfill the shoes Ola is leaving behind for the time being. Much like many of the other exciting young Atlanta rappers Lefteye is obviously a stylistic disciple of the legendary artists that he grew up listening to but in his distinctly trendy fashion he is putting his own spin on the sound and flow that turned the city into the epicenter for all things rap in the whole world. I can’t wait to see where 24Lefteye takes his sound next and am excited to see him start to collaborate with more producers and continue to feed the streets of Atlanta with his music.