As a writer, It is rare that I fall in love with an artist based off of just one song. It usually takes me extensive time of studying their music to decide whether or not I vibe with the product as a whole. Today though, after hearing one song, an artist by the name of lou villa is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut for his new offering entitled, violent.

The 20 year old Southern California native has always been in love with music but decided recently to pursue it full time, which may have been the best decision he’s ever made. Once you turn on his music, you will realize that the talent and passion he displays comes from a deep place within himself. lou villa uses music to tell his unique story and communicate feelings/emotions that cannot be expressed through words. The singer/songwriter/producer has experienced a tumultuous past, but is finding peace throughout this journey of music.

His song violent is a track that you really don’t want to miss. He produces all of his own stuff which is probably the most impressive aspect about him; on top of teaching himself how to sing without any assistance. Throughout the verses lou villa details what’s truly going on in his world and invites the listener to take a seat into his mind. In my opinion, these are always the best songs because it offers a unique experience that music rarely gives anymore these days.

violent if definitely worth checking out, but I’ll let y’all be the judges! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below so make sure to give it a listen and let us know what y’all think! If you’re a fan of lou villa, make sure to follow him on his social media accounts here and here!