ur not real – [Worry Club]

Worry club is a quartet of unbelievably talented artists who are newer to my radar than most, but every time they drop something new, I have no choice but to tune in. It seems like although they have this indie-inspired aesthetic right off the bat, the more you listen to them, the more you realize that they’re not just another indie band making the same slightly obscure sounds in order to appeal to a very niche audience. Instead, they incorporate an insane variety of other sounds and styles into their pieces of music in order to bend the fine lines of some genres while crafting a sound that is undeniably their own.

On their latest EP ur not real, this is more abundantly clear than ever, and even though I know I have a long way to go in order to fully grasp all of the strengths that they bring to the table, I am more and more impressed with every song I hear. Luckily, this EP has a total of 6 songs, so we are gifted just over 18 minutes of creativity, vitality, and personality that all come together for one of the more unique projects you’ll hear all week, but a project that you’ll want to continue revisiting for plenty of time to come.

I just love how experimental they can get without ever taking things to the point of misunderstanding because whether it’s the vocals that are altered heavily, the instruments that are used to add a fresh twang to things, or anything else that they include even though it might be out of the ordinary, they are able to bring everything together in such a harmonic fashion that I am blown away by this project on all fronts. I am going to be playing ur not real over and over again, and while I feel like I may get sick of some projects as time goes on, I truly believe that this is one EP that will never grow old.