Ohio native Cal Scruby has recently dropped a project that has been years in the making. After years of grinding in the music industry machine, Cal has finally freed himself and created an album that is the total culmination of his experience trying to rise in a cutthroat system that tends to favors the few. On UNSIGNED, Cal has finally come into his own and spits incredibly witty bars that outline both the struggles he’s faced throughout his career and where he plans on taking things now that he’s in complete control.

The jump Cal has made in terms of his artistry from his old records to now is astounding. When talented young artists begin their careers, signing with a major can be the quickest route for the stardom they desire. However, for many of those artists it never quite pans out as they had first thought. This project not only serves as a subtle victory for Cal, but a message to young artists who are thinking about chasing this route before thinking twice if that is the best path for their success.

This is the first project Cal has dropped since 2017, it is packed with clever lyrics and unique rhyme-schemes. It seems that in the time since his last project, he has spent some time perfecting his sound as it would seem he is a fully realized artist completely comfortable in his abilities. A few standouts to me from this are the energetic “Hollywood”, “Its Nothing”, and the more relaxed “Blink 182”. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by the bold direction Cal has on his latest album seemingly challenging the music industry while creating the music he’s always wanted to. Check out UNSIGNED on all platforms here and check out the video for “Shut Up” below!