U Still Here – [Keshore]

Keshore has been in the underground music scene for quite a few years, yet he has somehow managed to evade my attention. I never intentionally dismissed him, he’s just a name a had heard of but don’t really know from where, and once the homie put me on, I couldn’t have been more grateful to find out everything I was missing out on. The song he sent me, alongside a few of his classic hits, is his latest release entitled “U Still Here”, and after tuning in, I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on the LA-based artist for so long. Produced by ihatebigchase, the beat kind of slowly starts up and progressively gets faster, more intricate, and hits harder, although overall, it is a relatively simplistic, smooth, percussion-forward instrumental that Keshore absolutely destroys effortlessly.

Almost halfway through the song’s runtime, Ke picks up mid-sentence to insult an unidentified hater, starting his flow out of nowhere but picking up the tempo with ease. At times, he uses a bit more conviction behind his delivery while other aggressive lines sound as if they should as well, yet he recites them with a very stern, straight face to show people he’s dead serious without having to raise his voice or get overly animated with his words. All in all, he just casually makes his way from point A to point B without ever really taking a chance to stop or collect himself, never getting ahead of himself but rather allowing the beat to be the driver as he takes the passenger seat, cruising smoothly and naturally to the finish line.

While I was already a massive fan of the track itself, I was beyond excited to learn that there was also a Nash Browin-directed music video that keeps things as simplistic as the song, yet it’s a great complement to the record as well. Utilizing a lo-fi, homemade aesthetic throughout pretty much the entire thing, the opening shot shows Ke looking up at the camera which has a night vision effect on it. The next shot is recorded from outside of an apartment from what appears to be across the street, and as the camera zooms in, they catch Ke going absolutely crazy to his song, headbanging and all. From here, various effects are used as well as fisheye lenses and additional night vision shots, bringing everything together for a wild yet very intriguing visual that accentuates the song perfectly.

While I still have a lot to learn about Keshore and even more music to listen to, I’m beyond excited to dive in headfirst and catch up on all the remarkable music I’ve been missing out on. Considering he is constantly growing a fanbase on a daily basis and has even opened up for artists like $NOT and Blueface, he is well on his way to becoming the next star out of the underground, and I couldn’t think of a better artist to root for than him. He’s just unapologetically himself, and if someone doesn’t like it, he’s not going to lose any sleep, so that’s something I not only appreciate but it’s something I applaud as well. Whether you’ve been listening to Ke for years like many fans have or you’re just getting acquainted like me, make sure you tap in with his latest song “U Still Here” and its accompanying music video as soon as you possibly can.