Type Shit! – [EGOVERT] ft. [Tay Money] & [Manny Sanchez]

Ever since I found out about EGOVERT a few months back, it has been absolutely mandatory that I tune into any and all of his new releases. His versatility is as prominent as his plethora of skills themselves, and you never know what kind of sounds he’s going to bring to life prior to pressing play which keeps you on your toes every time. Whether he’s getting into some quite introspective topics over a more melodious beat or he’s going completely off the rails on some unique bangers, he’s never off his game even slightly, and that’s why I know without a doubt in my mind that he’s going to blow up sooner rather than later.

I’ve luckily gotten to know EGO personally since we connected on social media, and when he sent over an unreleased track featuring Tay Money and Manny Sanchez, I was counting down the days until everyone else got to witness the anthem he blessed me with early. Luckily, he decided to drop the track entitled “Type Shit” late last night, and it is undeniably a song that you need to drop whatever you’re doing and listen to. The beat is comprised of some hollow, echoing, radiant instruments of some sort that just tiptoe throughout the entire track as hats and claps tap along prior to absolutely thunderous 808s taking over the picture and providing such an energetic bounce and rhythm to the record.

As EGO begins to recite the hook, his disposition is calm and arrogant to an extent while he spits his unrushed lines in a manner that is as casual as it is braggadocious. To juxtapose this pacified charisma, his background ad-libs are absolutely shouted as he goes crazy, screaming into the microphone and bringing so much energy to the song that continues into his first verse. During this portion, his main layer of vocals gets a lot more animated and bubblier, showing off another side of him that’s much closer to the energy he’s bringing with his ad-libs and shows off his enthralling personality more than ever before.

I wasn’t familiar with Manny’s music before hearing his verse on this track, but he matches EGO’s disposition flawlessly as he seems to just have fun with his delivery and wordplays. His words come off as if he’s not putting much effort into them, but this complements the carefree, fun vibe of the song seamlessly. He doesn’t really seem to place too much importance on fully pronouncing and emphasizing each word as they just roll off his tongue, but I think he did everything intentionally and it led to another incredible verse that is capped off by another portion to round out the song by Tay.

Here, she comes in right after Manny and holds out a single note that is as confident as it is captivating, and you know that she’s about to go crazy from there on out. Her personality is in full effect as she aggressively recites some unapologetic lines that are full of charm and enthusiasm, matching her attitude with her counterparts for another remarkable verse that truly ties this record together.

I’m not surprised at the fact that this song came together how it did, however, I’m honestly a bit shocked at how I believe it’s going to stand the test of time. It’s undeniably a club anthem, and although I enjoy these types of songs when they first release, I often move on from them fairly quickly. With that being said, I’ve listened to it multiple times per day since EGO sent it my way and I seem to enjoy it more and more with every additional listen, so now that it’s out for fans to enjoy as well, I can only imagine that this is going to catapult all three artists into the spotlight even more than they were before. I can only imagine some of the wild TikToks that listeners are going to make using this as the soundtrack, and when clubs open back up, this should undoubtedly be one of the first songs they play through the speakers. While Mondays can be a rough day for many people, make sure you add some entertainment to the start of your week with EGOVERT’s brand-new record “Type Shit!” featuring Tay Money and Manny Sanchez.