LL intern
LL intern
29 Mar 2020

Although it’s safe to say that Future has been on an absolute tear in the music industry for probably close to the last decade, it’s especially true in the last few months. Although he has dropped countless albums and mixtapes that ended up being instant classics, he has seemed to level up to heights I never even knew existed. There are very few people who gain this much notoriety and it is truly something to behold when they do get there. Future has had a massive year so far with pretty much the release of two singles in his collaborative efforts with Drake called “Life is Good” and “Desires”, although the former seemed to attract more buzz. It’s almost unfathomable how the one single has garnered so much attention and media coverage, but the same happened for Travis Scott’s “Highest in the Room”, and an entire clothing collection followed along after that song, so it’s not unheard of.

Although the Drake-assisted collaborations became massive, everyone knows that Future knows how to handle things on his own as well. This is as clear as ever on his newest music video and single called “TYCOON”. The song begins with an expressive-sounding xylophone before crashing percussion comes in to change the dynamic. Future’s style sounds somewhat reminiscent of some of his previous classics, as higher-pitched autotune paints his vocals on the song like a canvas. His words seem to state the facts while his voice tells the impact and shares the emotions he has dealt with throughout his journey.

Although we’re used to hearing a plethora of different narratives from the Atlanta legend, his recent songs have been about the blessings he has accumulated and the lavish life he lives, with this track being no different. He talks about the fact that he’s going to live a full life regardless of what others might think, and the crew he surrounds himself with will take care of whatever he needs, knowing he’d return the favor just as quickly.

For the visual, Future can be seen sitting at the edge of his bed in an all-white room as his girl lays behind him while he recites his words. Later on, he appears in certain shots in front of a private jet, playing pool at home, and pulling off in a Rolls Royce. At the same time that these luxurious things are happening, his crew is in another location decked out in black, loading guns and getting ready to do some work. It’s totally clear that with all of the things Future is doing and the places he’s going, he has all the trust in the world in his squad, knowing they have his back no matter what. I also noticed some religious themes throughout, which seem to play up some of his lyrics about praying for the best whenever there’s a possibility of things going wrong.

Future is creating such a buzz with his last few singles that it’s hard to put in perspective. There’re rumors of an upcoming solo project as well as a follow-up collaboration album with Drake for What a Time to be Alive, but nothing has been confirmed. It does seem that both are inevitably going to come, but it’s unnerving to not know when because fans have patiently waited for some time now. All I know is that when Future does his thing, he does it big, so I expect nothing less than amazing from his upcoming projects, which I’m sure he’ll have no problem delivering. In the meantime, be sure to peep Future’s latest release “TYCOON”.