LL intern
LL intern
27 Mar 2020

In all honesty, after hearing NAV’s verse on “Beibs in the Trap”, I was instantly a fan. That being said, I was thinking he wasn’t going to continue to grow in popularity and I wasn’t sure if I was going to see his name too often moving forward. I’m not sure why I got that feeling and I’m more than happy I was totally wrong considering he has delivered some of the most impressive verses on some of the biggest songs in music to date. Although I haven’t dived too deep into his own personal discography and have really only paid attention to his guest spots, he has impressed me time and time again.

His latest song is no different, as he teamed up with Gunna and Travis Scott once again on “Turks”. Although a snippet of this song had surfaced and has been floating around for a couple of months at this point, it’s finally here in its entirety and I couldn’t be more excited. Wheezy produced this hit, including deep, haunting synths paired with some lighter slides, a simple drum loop, and banging 808s. NAV takes the first verse and hook, remaining fairly consistent with his delivery. It almost begins to sound repetitive and monotonous, but halfway through he changes the pitch of his voice and refreshes the cadence. Throughout his portion, he talks about the surplus of money he has and how abundant amounts are like nothing to him anymore, as well as some vicious actions he won’t hesitate to do and the models he has gotten with.

Gunna makes his part tap out with his bouncy verse, switching up his tempo and vocal tone occasionally for some truly appealing bars. He also talks about some of the luxuries he has access to like classy cars, lavish accessories for his girl, and a multitude of other extravagances. Travis then continues with a similar rhyme scheme as his counterparts which includes a flow that’s uncharacteristic of him, but his autotuned ad-libs in the background are more reminiscent of his typical style. Unsurprisingly, he follows suit with the lyrical content within his verse, talking about needing two private jets because there were too many girls to fit into just one, along with countless other flexes.

Although it has pretty much been the case for years that when you see Travis on a song, it’s an instant chart-topping hit. It has been becoming more and more common that when you see Gunna and even NAV on a track, the same effect happens. So, it pretty much goes without saying that having all three of these powerhouses on a song pretty much guarantees a spot at the top of the charts. There are rumors that this could be a single from an upcoming NAV album, but those stories aren’t confirmed so it still remains to be seen. No matter what, “Turks” is a hit from the moment you press play, so check it out and see for yourself.

Words by Danny Adams