Top Shotta Flow – [NLE Choppa]

If you’re at all familiar with us here at Lyrical Lemonade, it shouldn’t come as a shock whatsoever to find out that we’re big fans of NLE Choppa. His sound is dynamic, he’s abundantly talented, and his personality is larger than life, so it only makes sense that not only us, but tons of other fans have been bumping his music for quite some time now. He has been alluding to his debut album Top Shotta for over a year even though it wasn’t officially announced until somewhat recently. Choppa has been dropping off singles from the album for quite some time, and now that it has finally been released, I’ve been listening to it constantly and like it a little more with every additional run through.

The number of times that the word Shotta is used on the album can get somewhat confusing at times, but one of my favorite songs that boast this word is called “Top Shotta Flow”. The instrumental is made up of somewhat mischievous synths that are quickly met by thunderous 808s and crispy percussion. While this is mainly an 808 driven beat it seems, NLE uses this to his advantage and utilizes some very entertaining and appealing vocal effects to add some more diversity to this track during the intro. This doesn’t last for long, however, and as soon as he gets into his hook, it seems as if all effects leave his voice and he just sticks to a ruthless, more merciless flow full of aggression and assault. This changes once again getting into his first verse as the autotune is once again present and he plays with his words, stretching some out to get the most out of his effects while also speeding some up to play along with the beat seamlessly. In fact, sometimes his bars come at you so quickly that you don’t even realize he got back into his chorus and then into the second verse because that hook just seems to come and go with the haste of his delivery. Throughout this offering, NLE shows just how hostile and violent he can be when he needs to, showing off his dedication and commitment to not only his music but the streets first and foremost.

I mention this song because he just put out a brand-new music video for the incredible track, and it’s something you need to tune into to truly appreciate. It might not contain the wildest scenes or the most intricate sets, but the animations paired with NLE’s already addicting personality truly bring this visual to new heights. One of the first major scenes we see takes place outside at night as NLE hangs around with his group of friends as they dance around, and he steals the show with his vibrant charisma. Animations show clones of him reentering his body as well as sparks filling the screen at times as a way of suggesting he’s on fire, which is definitely not hard to believe after the roll he has been on recently. Some quicker scenes that come and go throughout show him in a street as the color of the leaves on a tree in his rearview is altered, while another shot shows him dangerously hanging halfway out of a car window as it speeds down the street. One more setting displays the rapper standing in front of a white-hot rod as it seems to peel out, producing smoke with its back tires although this is most likely just a smoke machine simulating this in all honesty. Even with all of the lively animations and effects that are included throughout this miniature movie, NLE’s entertaining dance moves and vivacious personality are what truly drew me into this and kept me intrigued the entire time.

NLE Choppa has to be one of the most impressive young artists in the current industry and I feel like although he has a large fan base, he is looked down on from people who never really gave him a chance. I think so many people have placed him in a box after hearing some of his earlier, more energetically driven offerings and never gave him a second look, but they’re going to regret that without a doubt. Top Shotta proves that he can do so much more than just yell or bring life to a track, but he knows how to incredibly tell a story and capture your attention no matter what kind of subject matter he might be talking about. It’s clear that he’s not someone you want on your bad side, but many of the stories he shares of his life in the streets back up his reasons for not trusting many people and resorting to violence before anything else. Despite how difficult his life was, he takes everything into account and understands that these things shaped him into the person he is today, and you can tell this makes him even more grateful for the lavish life he now gets to live due to the hard work he has put into his successful music career. You’ll find out all of this and more on Top Shotta, so when you’re done listening to NLE Choppa’s debut album, make sure you tune into the music video for his hit song “Top Shotta Flow” as well.