It’s been a grim past couple days for the hip-hop community, with the sudden killing of XXXTentacion being at the center of the conversation. There’s been no shortage of artists who have come forward to share their grievances surrounding X, including J Cole, Kanye, and Jaden Smith, among others. One of hip-hop’s most promising talents and no doubt one of our favorite artists Juice WRLD offered more than just his condolences: the young Chicago native has just released two new tracks that address the moment he’s experiencing in light of these events.

Referencing the shooting of X as well as the loss of Lil Peep, Juice contemplates how it feels to see these young creators being taken so suddenly when he himself is in a similar position. “All legends fall in the making. … What’s the 27 club? We ain’t making it past 21,” he laments on “legends :(“. As he mourns and contemplates his purpose and role in all of this, Juice WRLD lets his emotions run with gut-wrenching clarity in a way that’s as personal as it is empathetic. Stream the two-track “Too Soon…” set below and come show love for Juice WRLD at his headlining show next Saturday in Chicago.