Michigan music is unstoppable right now with talent crawling out of every corner of the state, not just Detroit which is obviously the originator, but other cities around the state are also differentiating themselves from the Motor City, perhaps most notably Flint, a city ironically known for its dirty water, that produces nothing but comedians in the booth. From artists like YN Jay whose sarcasm is obvious and his delivery is beyond playful, or the more serious and menacing Rio Da Yung OG who is known for his wicked sense of humor and unpredictable wordplay, Flint is filled with big personalities, and perhaps none I have heard so far are as big as Lil E. Grindhard E is amassing a sizable cult-following across his area and the internet, following a similar blueprint to his peers, flooding the internet with music and using his sense of humor to offset the wicked things he has really done, while personifying him in such a manner that is impossible not to love. Like many others, my introduction to Grindhard E was his incredibly ignorant track “Dog and a Stick” where E explains that he is riding with some “Dog and a stick like a blind person,” and it is these restful comments that hit the opioid ravaged midwest the hardest. Grindhard E’s music is symptomatic of much bigger problems in his area that he and his musical peers were born into and dying trying to elevate themselves from. His latest project The Lean Bible is yet another installment in his already prolific career and is some of his best work yet as E is not running out of stories anytime soon and his delivery only gets more unique and seasoned as he goes.  I think Grindhard E is a genuine star in the making and his personality is enormous and sense of humor is boundless and I am sure he will be one of the most notable voices in Michigan if he is able to remain consistent as this year rolls into the next.