Ever since I engulfed myself completely in the hyperpop music scene that is constantly growing and getting better, I have found some insane artists who don’t get nearly enough respect or appreciation. While it’s hard to imagine the mainstream is ready for some of these talents, the underground definitely appreciates them and knows exactly what the rest of the music world is missing out on. One of the duos that I was put onto a couple of months ago is WHOKILLEDXIX, and while they’re constantly amassing a bigger and bigger following every day, I still believe that they’re a hidden gem in the underground scene.

Made up of Karm the Tool and Yung Skayda, this tag team is doing everything by their own rules and creating a sound that’s unlike anyone else making music today, and that’s as evident as ever in their latest release “THUMP” although it has been out for a week or two, at this point, I finally got around to listening and boy I’m glad I did because it might be my favorite song by them yet. The incredible beat begins with some dial-up mixed with industrial-sounding noises before a bouncy, almost intergalactic sounding synth is used to create a melody that is as energetic and animated as this duo is.

Considering their vocals contain so many different effects and alterations, it’s hard to clue in on exactly who is spitting, but it opens up with a couple of lines that are whispered in a pitched-up fashion that is even more captivating than I ever expected. From here, some lines are spoken softly as they’re stuttered and eventually spat out, but the way these two artists use such amazing vocal effects to transport you to another sonic universe is truly remarkable. I can’t believe how out of this world they sound throughout this entire track, constantly switching things up and rotating through countless styles that no one has ever even thought to put into a song, and that just makes me open my eyes and realize how insanely talented and creative this dynamic duo truly is.

While I’m not surprised that this song is an absolute banger, I am just truly in shock at the fact that they’re still as grossly underrated as they are. I’ve seen them popping up at various shows around the country and their numbers keep skyrocketing, but I still feel like a much larger discussion needs to be had in order to finally give them the respect they truly deserve. Nonetheless, they’re going to keep doing their own individualistic thing and whether you like it or not, they’re going to continue to absolutely kill the game on all fronts, so I’m just excited to be here for the ride and watch their stock price continue to soar. Whether you’re familiar with WHOKILLEDXIX or not, “THUMP” is the brand-new track that you need to put on your radar as soon as you can, so make sure to peep it whenever you get the chance.