The Soufside Villain – [Marco Plus]

Atlanta has long been a staple in the rap business, and as the years have gone by, it feels like there are so many different “cliques” that boast similarities. There are the street anthem preachers, the out-of-the-box creatives, the old heads, and a handful of other styles that these emcees are creating, and each faction seems to attract an entirely different group of listeners. No matter which sound you prefer, there is no denying the strength that ATL has in this industry, which means that a new name is going to rise up constantly, and it’s up to you to stay up to date before you fall behind.

Marco Plus is one of the most recent names that I saw pop up, and after reading a bit more about him, I couldn’t wait to tap in with his brand-new album The Soufside Villain. It turns out that Marco received a coveted J.I.D co-sign where he praises the rising talent’s lyrical abilities, he was named one of the Best New Artists of 2022 by Pigeons & Planes, he headlined his first show in New York this past summer, and he has supported other acts throughout the year as well. All of these events are notable, but after checking out his project, I realized that nothing was given to him and he proved that he was worthy of these accolades on all fronts.

These 14 songs span just about 40 minutes long, and while the beat selection is mesmerizing, Marco’s sheer demeanor steals the show by far. As he goes bar for bar, his skill set further unravels to a point where his talents are almost dizzying, and his nimbleness shows that he can not only get creative with his flows, but he can continue to elaborate further on the extensive lines that he spits with ease.

There are plenty of moments where he shows off his individualistic skills. Still, considering he has a strong cast of features in Kenny Mason, Deanté Hitchcock, Grip, Jiggs, and a few others, he also demonstrates that he can hold his own while meshing seamlessly with other renowned talents without a second thought. Marco seems to opt-out of the frills and alterations that are often used in abundance throughout the industry nowadays and cut right to the chase on The Soufside Villain, and the fact that he is able to create such magic with nothing but his mind and his imagination truly makes this a project you need to get in tune with.