The Scotts ā€“ [THE SCOTTS] [Travis Scott] [Kid Cudi]

Many people wouldnā€™t find it difficult to open any social media app and see Travis Scottā€™s name buzzing around on it. Whether it be for his growing sneaker collection, his executive mind of his Cactus Jack record label, or his clothing merch that sells out almost instantly; Travis has his artistry in everything and it really shows. Speaking in terms of his musical ability, he is always known for ushering in new sounds and vibes that many can say were curated and/or inspired by him. While a vast majority of his sound was inspired by the greats before us, he is one of the leaders of the pack to utilize the futuristic wave of music making. After the major success of theĀ JackboysĀ EP, it was clear that he was not currently interested in working on his own solo release since hisĀ AstroworldĀ album is still on repeat and STILL charting today; almost two years later. Having since then providing knowledge and guidance to his label mate Don Toliver on his debut projectĀ Heaven or Hell, it was only a matter of time before we saw what Travis would have his hands on next. At last, the fans now feast on the latest single from Travis Scott and Kid Cudi (now known collectively as ā€œThe Scottsā€) with their debut single ā€œThe Scottsā€.

If you have been a long-time listener like myself of Travis, it is very well known that he is a major fanatic of Kid Cudi. His music stems from the great minds of Cudi (and Kanye), a lot of his older music is heavily inspired by Cudiā€™s older work, and in 2015, Travis even openly admitted that he wouldnā€™t release his album unless he got Kid Cudi featured on it. Having shared stories about how he shed tears when he met Cudi for the first time, it has always been a dream of his to collaborate on music with Kid Cudi. That dream came true back in 2016 onĀ Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, but Travis had more plans in store. In due time, he wanted to collaborate on an entire project with Cudi- and by the looks of it, that may be coming sooner than many of us may think.

Travis Scott recently linked a partnership with the popular third-person shooter Fortnite where his likeliness would be available for purchase in game, alongside with other Astroworld-themed items for theĀ Astronomical Concert. While I am not a huge fan of the game, I hopped on just to check it out and witness the virtual concert first hand. What I then experienced was a limited time event that showcased a few of Travisā€™ biggest hits to date, as well as a world premiere of a brand new song-that song being ā€œThe Scottsā€. After the virtual show, Travis announced via Instagram that the track would be available in itā€™s entirety at midnight and would feature the legendary Kid Cudi as well. The track produced by Dot Da Genius, Plain Pat & Take A Daytrip, the two go head-to-head over futuristic sounds and murky 808s, as well as synths provided by none other than Mike Dean.

What stood out the most was the fact that on streaming services, the artist listed here was ā€œThe Scottsā€, implying that Travis and Cudi have officially joined forces and are working on an entire project. This was later confirmed via Travisā€™ Instagram Live where he invited Cudi and shared snippets of more music from the two that would come soon. Whether or not this is a full length album, or a few tracks, we are all sitting at the edge of our seats waiting to see what these two Ā will cook up next. The student and the teacher have officially joined forces, and we are in for one hell of a ride if a project is to come from all of this.

Stream the latest single fromĀ Travis and Cudi ā€œThe Scottsā€ below!