TENDAYS From South Florida Is Using His Music To Inspire Self-Expression

Tendai Chafa-Govha also known as TENDAYS, is an underground artist who has created music since 2016. Hailing from South Florida, TENDAYS has created a sound that I would say is unlike any music out right now. Throughout his career, he had the opportunity to perform alongside Waka-Flocka and a show with Keke Palmer. While he is still on the up-and-coming, his first show was with worldwide recognized headlining artists with over 450 people in attendance. TENDAYS hopes to use his music to allow his fans to be exactly who they are.

“Self-expression. I want somebody to be exactly who they are or what they want to be without any sort of limitations to them. There are different tracks created for different purposes. Right now I’m focusing on caring less for others and more for myself which birthed, “CHUF VENETA”. My alternative music projects stem mostly from emotions or perspectives which will be dropped in the next few months of this year, 2022,” He stated. “The title is “I’ll try again tomorrow” which is one of the biggest downfalls that I’m learning to get rid of by dropping that project. Waiting on what tomorrow may hold is a terrible mindset to live in if I’m not active within the present moment.”

Inspired by Kid Cudi. Spike Jonze. Spike Lee. Richard Linklater. Billy Corgan. Maya Angelou, and more, he resonates with anyone great at what they do. When it comes to forthcoming artists, TENDAYS believes it’s important to put your best foot forward regardless of who is watching. If you continue to sharpen your skills and work on your craft, opportunities will come before you know it.

When it comes to females in the music industry, TENDAYS compliments the direction their music is going in and finds it very refreshing.

“Tierra Whack is fire. She has the most creative visuals I’ve ever seen from an artist within our time frame. Flo Milli is sick. Doja Cat and Megan are doing their thing. Nicki Minaj is influential even beyond rap. The female rap scene is refreshing.” He shared.

Right now, you can check out his latest project “CHUF VENETA”. We look forward to hearing “I’ll try again tomorrow” later this year.