Tell Me – [Helix Tears]

As if this fact could ever be lost within the rising cast of talent that make up the next era of pop music, the essence of collaboration as it currently stands between them is alive, well, and thriving at arguably its highest level yet in regards to their musicianship. And though this is certainly the case among these figures on a singular level, it makes it that much more clear when they join their various collectives up for a resounding cypher on occasion. 


Though these moments were all-too-rare at one point, they have seen their frequency rise as each and every collective begins to find their footing in the scene. And no collective has their footing as stable and as secured among them than Blackwinterwells’s very own Helix Tears — who has just rounded up acts from the likes of Gooncity, NoHeart, Novagang, and plenty more for their newest lengthy cut entitled “Tell Me.”


15 different artists align this absolute mammoth of a feature list, and they are all held in ideal symmetry and with perfect care by the outstanding work on production from two of the most in-demand producers in the scene itself: Delto and Angelus. The beat cycles through a number of varying passages that see item after item continue to be added overtop the addicting and charming lead melody that stays consistent throughout the song’s runtime. 


These 15 acts are fittingly divided up into thirds — with 4-5 artists taking up each of the three allotted sections for their verses. These segments are superbly surrounded by yet another magnificent chorus from Blackwinterwells herself, as it makes sure to keep a familiar and long-lasting touch on an otherwise fleeting, yet dynamic track. 


That does not mean that each and every one of these verses are not the least bit memorable, as that is the furthest thing from the truth. Dolly, Dylann, Chach, Angelus, and Kuru take up the first third of the track, and they are able to emphasize their strongest commonality that they all share – their skillful and artful verse compositions – to its highest degree altogether. 


Taking up the second third is the group of Grandee, Delto, Ways, and 4am, who take a slightly different approach than the group before by relying solely on their understated, soft, and genuine voices to keep the furthering song fresh and ever-changing than before.


Ending it all off is the group of Wubz, Noki, Stef, Mental, and Blxty, who do their part in offering a conclusive finish to the track by acting as something of an amalgamation of the previous two segments put together. They each come through with their own selective styles, ranging from pure entertainment through their clever wordplay, to genuine emotion in the blink of an eye. 


What tracks like this come to represent in the grand scheme of things is a pure and vivid look at a group of artists ready to take over the music world, with no hyperbole attached to that statement whatsoever. These cyphers are necessary in displaying how much charisma and collaborative spirit this scene exudes between each other — whether through their closest similarities or their furthest differences.