Take 5 – [Lil Skies]

Just a couple of months ago almost to the day, Lil Skies dropped off his sophomore album Unbothered. While it seems like he took a bit of a hiatus for a moment, it’s obvious to fans that he was still locked in the studio making some hits even if he wasn’t releasing them as regularly as he once was. When his album was upon us, Skies delivered 14 songs that were full of hits as well as some more revealing tracks that prove he’s not just some rapper who only gloats about his wealth, but things can get much deeper than they might appear on the surface.

Obviously, when an artist releases an album, it’s pretty typical of them to continue the rollout for months to come with music videos, interviews, and the rest of the works as well, so when I saw that the Pennsylvanian star decided to bring his song “Take 5” to life in the form of a visual with director Bobby Lee Palmer, I was beyond stoked considering it’s one of my favorite cuts off of the project. Opening up, Skies can be found under the deck of a nice-sized yacht with a few lovely ladies who cuddle up to him with ease as the song begins to play.

From here, the talent heads up above deck with a couple more women as well as some of his homies where they pop bottles, dance around, and have a blast on the unbelievably beautiful day. After this, Skies hops on a jet ski and takes on the open water himself, flying around as water flings up all around him. What I like about this portion is the fact that certain high-definition cameras show certain shots while other clips seem to be from a lower quality camera mounted on the front of the vehicle, giving it a slightly more homemade aesthetic. Finally, after the sun goes down and they return to shore, Skies hops in a car with his friends where they cruise around and drive the night away, finishing things up once and for all.

What I completely respect so much about Lil Skies is the fact that he took the industry by storm a few years ago with certain breakout hits like “Red Roses” and “Nowadays”, and certain artists that see so much success so early on might let this go to their head which then, in turn, makes their quality of music go out the window. I love how Skies didn’t let this happen even slightly, and he has pivoted slightly to a bit more of a mature, grown-up vibe that is obvious when comparing his new music to his older tracks. All in all, though, he just seems to never stop having fun with his releases and I think that’s the most important thing over anything else. With that being said, check out Lil Skies’ brand-new music video for his song “Take 5”, and if you haven’t already, be sure to tune into our Carton Conversation interview with him here as well!