T-Shyne New Project ‘CONFETTI NIGHTS’ Out Now

Confetti Nights call for a celebration. That is exactly what Young Stoner Life signee T-Shyne’s new project calls for. A celebration of his journey thus far as an artist. Confetti Nights 15-track list includes features from Young Thug, Gunna, Meek Mill, Nav, JID, NAV,6lack, Swae Lee, Dougie F, and Westway. This album has generated a lot of buzz surrounding two-time NBA championship winner, Kevin Durant being listed as an executive producer on the project. 

“Confetti Nights is like a celebration of sorts. The basketball player who just made it to the league, following him on his journey from his rookie year to his first championship win. As life goes, most people don’t start at the top,” T-Shyne explained. “But no matter your status or position, we’re all on a journey to improve some aspects of ourselves. This has been a very personal project for me. I tapped into a new vulnerability, sharing parts of my life I’ve never shared before. Stories I’ve never told. I truly believe others will be able to connect to this project more than any other project I’ve released.”

The Bronx rapper’s unique style, vivid lyrical caliber, and determination to bring out different styles and showcase his versatility as an artist, is why his career continues to prosper.

Today, T-Shyne debuted the official music video for “Still Ain’t Finished” with YSL signee Gunna.  I had the opportunity to connect with T-Shyne prior to his album release. Check out our interview below.

Lyrical Lemonade: Let’s talk about being from New York. What part did you grow up in? Who were some artists from NYC that might have impacted the artist you are today?

T-Shyne: I’m originally from Long Island, East Hampton. But I lived in the Bronx for 8 years, and Harlem for 6-7 years. As far as influencers, Biggie, JAY Z, Nas, Dipset, Max B. Those are a couple of influencers for sure.

Lyrical Lemonade: How did you begin your rap career? Talk to me about the first song you ever created.

T-Shyne: Honestly, I just really tried college, I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t want to go to college in the first place, but I was trying to do it for my family. I wasn’t feeling it so I moved to NY and started grinding, working, and making connections. So I moved to the city and just started meeting people. From there I started meeting somebody who introduced me to someone else. And it just started taking off.

Lyrical Lemonade: You’re signed to one of the biggest labels out right now. How did this link up with you and YSL come about? What has been the best part so far about being a part of YSL?

T:Shyne: So I was living with TM88, the producer. Thug was looking for a new DJ because Metro Boomin was trying to focus on producing. So basically he saw the show we were doing in LA and he was like yo let them do three practice shows. If I’m rocking with them, they can come on tour with us. We did three practice shows, and they went crazy. The rest was history.

The bond. It’s a real family. It’s not like a label to me, it’s actually a family. I love them. That’s probably the difference. I know a lot of labels it’s just business. But we’re really family.

Lyrical lemonade: A lot of your label mates speak about their relationship with Young Thug and how he does so much for everyone on the team. Talk to me about your relationship with him.

T-Shyne: Man that’s my brother. The way he creates, it’s just like anyone can learn from Thug. If you go to any type of session, one is always going to put down knowledge, some real stuff. He’s been there, where I’m trying to get. He has so much knowledge, and his creativity is crazy. Like how fast he records, and the type of music he makes in a short amount of time.

Lyrical Lemonade: As of recently, your career has been taken off. You have had the opportunity to collaborate with a lot of heavy hitters in the industry. What collaboration did you say like ok this is a big deal and your career can really take off?

T-Shyne: Last year with Slime Language 2. I did the song on there ‘That Go’ with me, Thugger, Meek Mill. And definitely on Thug album Stressed. Stressed felt like this was one of those ones.

Lyrical Lemonade: Just last year you were featured on Young Thug’s Billboard #1 album PUNK on the single “Stressed” with J.Cole which was on apple music’s top 5 at one point. How was it creating this track with J Cole?

T-Shyne: J Cole is how most people think he is. Super cool down to earth. We had a conversation about meditations and sh*t like that. J.Cole is definitely dope. Great creative and you know he just killed it.

Lyrical Lemonade: When you look at the artist you’re becoming now, vs who you were when your career began. Is there anything you would have done differently? What is some advice you would give to the old you?

T-Shyne: I would say now I’m able to do more than rap. I could do melody and all these different things. With my old self, I would say don’t be scared to go outside the box of rap. Being from New York sometimes you get into that lyrical rap, and I still do lyrical and stuff. But I would tell myself don’t limit myself.

Lyrical Lemonade: Would you say your favorite collaborations are the ones where you get to collaborate with your labelmates? Or another artist in the industry?

T-Shyne: Of course my labelmates. That’s family, that’s nothing. We have a studio called Snake Pit and we’re all there working and stuff. So definitely my labelmates. Thug, Strick, just everyone on the label.

Lyrical Lemonade: “30 for 30” was your first solo single. This song generated a lot of buzz for you. From the visuals, your world play, and the vibes you gave. Why was this the first single you decided to release compared to another track?

T-Shyne: I just wanted to come out the gate with that championship feeling. It’s a celebration. We got to this point. It’s been a long journey. That’s like my project, it’s like a rookie to a veteran-type vibe. The journey. I just wanted that to be out the gate, it’s a journey, and we’re celebrating.

Lyrical Lemonade: As an up-and-coming artist, what do you hope to bring to the music industry that we might not see already?

T-Shyne: Really I just want to keep doing my thing, bring out different styles, and show I can rap, sing, and do all these different things and it’s still love.

Lyrical Lemonade: You’re gearing up to release Confetti Nights in March. The tracklist already looks crazy, so I can only imagine how this project will sound. What can we expect from this project? Why did you choose Kevin Durant? To executive produce this project? What does Confetti Nights mean to you?

T-Shyne: You can expect growth. If you hear my last project you can see the growth. Just the type of lane I’m going into, the different styles, the flow. It’s just a vibe, a different vibe. It’s a story, from one point to the next. It’s not just a bunch of songs, it’s a cohesive project. It’s that championship moment, where you won everything, and confetti is coming down. This is my first project with YSL, so it sorta like that feeling for me.

I chose KD because KD has a crazy music ear. He actually studies music, especially Hip-hop. I just really trust his ear. So when we get in those sessions and I heard him say I like this song, or maybe not this one. I know he was a good choice to go with for sure.

Lyrical Lemonade: What do you hope to accomplish in your career?

T-Shyne: At least I bought my dad a house.

Confetti Nights is now available on all streaming platforms!