Just when we need him most, it always feels like Swoosh returns to the spotlight right on time, impressing and maintaining the consistency of hits with each and every new release. The last time he graced our pages here at Lyrical Lemonade was for the CardoGotWings-produced joint, “Swoosh Me Up“, which makes its way back today with a brand new visual companion. This smooth track offers airy flows, abundant charisma, and most notably, some incredibly memorable lyricism to top it all off, so it only follows that it deserved an illustrative music video to match along with the pace of the track. Coming to us courtesy of Checks Cleared, the cinematic scenes show Swoosh hanging out at the basketball court, only to be smoothed over with a scene from White Men Can’t Jump as the cherry on top. “Swoosh Me Up” is dripping in effortless style, so be sure to watch the visuals below and let us know what you think in the comment section!