Sweet Bomb – [Kid Shyne]

Originally hailing from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Kid Shyne moved out to Los Angeles after seeing success from his first release, “Politely.” The up and coming artist offers some solid insight on relationships on his summery single, “Sweet Bomb.”

Kid Shyne articulates that there are relationships that reasonably start off in the honeymoon phase, but eventually end up becoming toxic. Since moving to LA, the singer has recognized that having an abundant amount of options makes maintaining a relationship a lot more difficult. In short, any relationship can be exciting and satisfying, but can be dangerous and explosive as well. Hence, the title, “Sweet Bomb.”

The woozy production, done by Korean producer beenintheclub, perfectly compliments Kid Shyne’s subtle and lax vocal approach. “Sweet Bomb,” also includes a diverse and necessary synth breakdown that leaves listeners wanting to hear more.

With new music on the way, make sure to keep Kid Shyne on your radar.

Listen to, “Sweet Bomb,” here:

Words by Barry R