Lee Mcintosh
Lee Mcintosh
15 Mar 2020

The Louisville rap star that is Jack Harlow has been making tons of noise in the rap game as of late. After dropping his debut album back in 2019, ever since that moment his rise to the top has been going at full force with no sign of slowing down at all. After months of going on tour and making many club appearances, his face is one to be remembered–for it will be much more prominent in the years to come. Today, he released his latest body of work, Sweet Action–the lead single of the project being”WHAT’S POPPIN” accompanied by a Jetsonmade beat, and a video directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s own, Cole Bennett.

Coming in at only seven tracks and 17 minutes long, Jack never strays away from always letting his fans and soon-to-be fans know what he is capable of right off the bat. For those who have not witnessed his previous bodies of work, this project will serve as the perfect introduction to the array of Jack’s ability of music making, that is, for now of course. The track “I Wanna See Some Ass” is another collaboration with the young and talented producer Jetsonmade. This track serves as the club/party record–a musical style that Jack is no stranger too. The beat itself is something a little different than we are used to hearing Jetsonmade produce, but Jack get acquainted to the beat and brings out his full potential on it. As an avid Jack Harlow fan like myself, this project is full of more singing as well–something that Jack is taking pride in showing the full extent of his song crafting capabilities. He pulls it out of his arsenal at random times all throughout the duration of this project–so much so, it may catch you off guard. Nonetheless, it feels great to know that he is broadening his boundaries as not only a rapper, but an artist as well. The track “Hey Big Head” is greeted immediately with a dark, gong-like bell in the beat, as Jack raps viscously letting a full clip of bars go, one after another.

Rest assured, this will not be the last we see of Jack Harlow this year, for I believe he will release another full length project before the year is done. Until then, we have an amazing set of seven tracks to love and enjoy.

Stream the new project from Jack Harlow, Sweet Action below!