Any artist that is able to channel elements of soul music into their rap can bring out the best of both genres to create something spectacular. Nigerian-Canadian artist TOBi has released a timeless project that features high levels of artistry and talent. Throughout STILL, the Toronto-based artist focuses on topics often overlooked or seen as taboo in a majority of Hip-Hop music. Using the power of his smooth vocals, he is able to construct verses around masculinity, misogyny, and the struggles in navigating society as you grow into your own. TOBi shows that he is a creative artist that takes all aspects of an album into consideration, beginning with the stunning album artwork that immediately captures your attention and leaves you with a sense of curiosity.

Over the course of 13-songs TOBi provides his hybrid of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, and R&B that draw comparisons to Anderson .Paak, the reason being is he can easily float from singing to rapping over bouncy production that takes the overall sound to another level. I discovered TOBi via his single “City Blues” that released a few months prior and covered previously on Lyrical Lemonade. With the release of his album, the song has been played on repeat as its a single full of raw emotion that can be felt the moment the keys begin. Other standouts from this album are the passionate singles “FEEL” and “Sweet Poison” which both have TOBi’s vocal talents to full display. The album also allows his lyrical abilities to flourish on tracks like “24” and “Locked In”, a true artist who is capable of taking on a diverse range of musical styles and excelling in them all. I have a good feeling STILL will be an album that changes the trajectory of TOBi’s life as a world-class artist who has made an intensely personal piece of art. Stream the album here and watch the video for “City Blues” below!