Spotify RADAR Presents: PinkPantheress

It’s no secret that PinkPantheress is becoming one of music’s most talked about artists right now. The internet sensation has wasted no time in rising to the top of viral trends and cultural moments, which has led many to believe that she is undoubtedly on her way to become one of the next generational talents on a globally reaching scale. With an artist as important as PinkPantheress though, it’s completely normal to ask yourself the question, “who is she?”. We know her music and we know her sound, but who is she as a person? If you’ve wondered that at any time, then have no fear, because today, on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, that question will be answered!

If you haven’t heard of RADAR, then today is your lucky day! Launched in 2020, RADAR is the flagship artist development program from Spotify that reinforces their global commitment to to support emerging artists in all stages of their development, spanning all genres, and deepening the connection to their audiences. Just recently, the program teamed up with PinkPantheress to make her the focal point of their latest installment in the RADAR series. What we get to see is a Halloween themed 9-min mini doc where PinkPantheress invites some of her closest friends to chat about some of her innermost secrets, with the inclusion of a few ghost hunting montages as well. This down to earth and reflective video sheds new light on this up and coming star and it’s truly one of the most enjoyable thing I’ve gotten to see all week!

I had the chance to grab a quote from Sulinna Ong, the Spotify UK/IE Head of Music and she explained:

“PinkPantheress is a social media force and a genre bending enigma. For the first time, she opens up to her fans in the Spotify RADAR mini doc revealing insights into how she started making music, providing a window into the mind behind the infectious sound that has established her as one of the most exciting artists of the year.”

Overall, this feature was a treat and I advise anyone and everyone to watch it! If you want to learn more about this stellar young lady, check out the video below!