Something to Lose – [Quiet Luke]

In music, momentum is everything. From iconic songs like “Hey Jude” to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it’s the journey throughout the song that captivates listeners, and furthermore, it’s the presence of ever-growing excitement that keeps them engaged from the first second to the last. Here with his own demonstration of such, New York artist Quiet Luke just delivered a masterful new offering, “Something to Lose.”

Backed by clashing guitars and velvety vocals, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact genre for this one, but that’s why it works. Quiet Luke denies any and all classifications, instead pouring a myriad of influences and sounds into what I’ve seen best described by The FADER as a “miniature rock epic.” As a result, “Something to Lose” generates its own sense of momentum, using the inertia of the song to constantly push toward the apex of energy at the end, in which all of this energy comes to a point that calls for nothing else but the repeat button.

In addition, only adding to the magic here, the lively visuals maintain this bursting sense of energy, as Luke refuses to hold back, all the way from gym class to the moment in which he takes center stage, belting out the guitar without any sort of reign on his emotion. With this, “Something to Lose” feels like a release not just for Luke, but for listeners, as well. It’s a community of a song, and one that translates into everyone’s life as a chance to pour out everything inside and entirely lose oneself in the moment. Few songs are capable of such in a manner as a genuine as Luke’s, and for this reason and more, “Something to Lose” feels like a special one.

Whether blasting this one in the car after a long day of work or using it as a hype song, “Something to Lose” finds application in all walks of life. Stream the song below and keep an eye out for more from the endlessly promising young talent, Quiet Luke!