Levi Carter is officially back, and he’s back with a vengeance. Today, the budding star is here on our pages to share the long-awaited visuals for his CardoGotWings-produced song, “Smoke Up.” Hazy as can be and doused in the towering charisma that fans know and love Carter for, the accompanying music video for this one is a perfect testament to the contagious energy of Carter’s music. Quite effortlessly, he’s able to grab listeners’ attention and hold it, using a clear creative vision and a confident stature as his weapons of choice. In the “Smoke Up” visuals, these attributes are illustrated with a stream of colorful effects and cinematic scenes, all of which help make “Smoke Up” even more special of a release than it already was.

That said, Levi Carter’s re-entrance into the spotlight is definitely going to shake things up in rap, as it won’t be long until everyone is talking about the “Smoke Up” artist and his next-level artistry. I can’t wait, but don’t just take my word for it — check out the new visuals at the link below and follow Carter on Twitter here for updates on new music, visuals, and more!

Song Produced by CardoGotWingz
Directed by Quinton Dominguez
Shot by Corretin Leroux & Jairo Cruz
Video Produced by Soda Club