SITCHY – [Brent Rambo] ft. [Otto]

Ever since I dove deeper into the world of Rap music beyond the mainstream offerings that massive artists drop, my outlook on Rap changed forever. Probably one of, if not the very first artists I was introduced to was Brent Rambo, and he is almost solely responsible for this completely new mindset I had when listening to music. As a producer, he was bringing some of the wildest, most inventive instrumentals to life for some additionally unique rappers such as Big Body Fiji,, Nolanberollin, and Famous Dex to name just a few, and his utilization of out of the box sounds and tempos truly opened my mind to an entirely new sonic world. No one was able to copy his sound or production style because it was so creative that he made it almost unintentionally impossible to copy his skills, so with the fact that he was always bringing something new to the table to challenge and push artists out of their comfort zones, I never knew what to expect in the best possible way.

Since his introduction in music so many years ago, he has made hits with some of the biggest names in music at this point, yet I still feel like unless you’re tapped into the underground scene, you simply don’t appreciate everything he’s done for music in general, but that needs to change as soon as possible. As with many producers, he also dabbles in rapping, and this is yet another highly underappreciated skill of his considering he takes his imaginative mind and puts his all into inimitable flows and atypical lyricism that is incredible in and of itself. Take his latest single “SITCHY” for instance, a song where he recruits Otto, a talent I was previously unfamiliar with, but he’s clearly an artist I need to get in tune with much more moving forward.

In this track, Brent utilizes sliding, emotive acoustic guitar riffs with an additional bright string loop along with percussion and drums that almost have a rhythm similar to the popular New York City Drill style, but it’s not overly obvious at the same time. As he rhymes, he delivers straightforward bars that lack almost any and all effects, allowing his words to shine through and be spoken in an uninterrupted, pure fashion. He speaks his lines one at a time, reciting his lyrics simply before allowing the beat to breathe slightly before going back in once again a moment later. During the moments where he’s not speaking, his ad-libs ramble and echo off into the distance, leading us right into the next bar seamlessly.

As he takes us throughout his verse, he talks about not loving the women he gets with, not stressing too much about the little things that don’t matter, and he even shouts out some of the icons in pop culture who departed us too soon such as Pop Smoke, Juice WRLD, and Kobe, to name a few. As Otto comes in, his first line is sung with a filter over it, giving us a quiet taste of what’s to come. When he does come in, he does so full force with some melodious lines that allow the slight autotune on his voice to perfectly accentuate the notes he’s spitting. Before you know it, Brent goes back in for one more hook, leading us out of the uncharacteristically lengthy offering flawlessly.

Although I don’t believe Brent Rambo gets nearly enough credit for everything he’s done in the underground music scene, his grind and constant output should be something any music fan would find impressive. He has been working constantly for years and years at this point, and the sheer amount of different styles and hits he has created is definitely enough to make your head spin. I was able to meet Brent outside of the Lyrical Lemonade Lil Uzi Vert show a few years ago, and despite his wildly creative mind, he was actually beyond calm and just a good soul overall, so that’s something I’ll never forget, even after all the success he has had throughout the years. You might be familiar with his production skills at this point, but if you haven’t heard him actually rap, “SITCHY” is the perfect place to start before you dive even further into his extensive discography full of hits.