Show Off – [Dre R] ft. [Warhol.SS]

Considering Chicago is my home, I always have to show love to some of the acts that don’t necessarily get all the glory and recognition of the massive mainstream blogs. Although Dre R is a name I’m not overly familiar with, when I saw that he teamed up with Warhol.SS for a brand-new song entitled “Show Off” and a KG Visuals-directed music video, I had to listen up and put some people on. I haven’t been in tune with Warhol.SS as of late, but he has been making some massive moves out in LA with some notable West Coast acts, and that’s something I’m always keeping my eye on as I cheer him on from afar.

In this record, they recruited Metro Krazy for the production, and he does his thing with a bright yet intense synth melody that’s accented by piercing percussion and thumping drums that create a somewhat drill-inspired foundation that these two rappers tear apart. As Dre comes in right off the bat for the hook, he showcases a very intentional aggression that works unbelievably well over this style of instrumental.

Warhol.SS comes in for the first verse, utilizing a somewhat raspy, mischievous, and careful delivery that is somewhat shadowy and subdued, offering a bit of a juxtaposition to Dre’s more insistent flows while also showcasing a bunch of incredible wordplays that truly bring this track to another dimension. As Dre goes in for the second verse, he just toys with the beat effortlessly, allowing the words to just roll off of his tongue while never getting ahead of himself, delivering a fully cohesive track that is as incredible as it gets.

As I mentioned before, this record comes with a music video as well that’s a nice complement to the track, but I’ll let you watch that as you tune into the song. While this might be my introduction to Dre, it definitely won’t be my last time checking out his music because he just has this addicting personality that I found myself gravitating towards much more than I imagined. At the same time, it seems like Warhol.SS has honed in on his craft over the past few years and has found a sound that I never imagined when listening to him a while ago, but I definitely appreciate more than I ever imagined. “Show Off” is the name of the latest track from Dre R and Warhol.SS, and it’s a song you’re not going to want to miss out on, so check it out as soon as you find some time.