Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
6 Nov 2019

In music, nothing lasts longer than feeling. Any song can be catchy for a few weeks until it’s on to the next one, but rare are the records that make listeners feel exactly what the artist felt when they first sat down and made the song. These are the songs that stick with us, and furthermore, those that withstand the test of time. With Gareth Donkin and the incredible “Safe and Sound,” this is exactly the case.

Stepping back for a moment, Donkin’s entire catalog thus far is a product of astounding soul. With every song, every note, and every idiosyncratic moment in his production, Donkin makes the most of his colorful character, and truly makes listeners feel as though he’s putting every ounce he has into a given song. This level of artistry, matched with the vocal and songwriting talents to communicate the message, is what makes Gareth Donkin so special. He knows what he wants to say, knows how to say it in the most impactful way possible, and knows how to keep listeners coming back, simply by being his truest self on every new release.

“Safe and Sound” is all of this and more. Even supplied with a striking guitar solo from Daniel Dessoy, the song takes a set of smooth, looming melodies and weaves every ounce of passion into them. As Donkin echoes the chorus “you’re safe and sound,” he holds the conviction to actually convince you of his words, wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you’re feeling. In such a way, “Safe and Sound” dares to last in an age of immediacy, and will certainly do so as Gareth Donkin continues to get bigger.

Few, if any, new artist discoveries have struck me this hard in recent memory, so don’t sleep on this one. Get hip to Gareth Donkin and check out the ever-so-special “Safe and Sound” below!

Guitar solo by Daniel Dessoy
Written, Recorded & Produced by Gareth Donkin