Sabotage – [JAWNY]

After a brief hiatus, JAWNY returns with his new single, “Sabotage.” Departing from the sun-kissed indie-pop style that you may immediately associate with his name, JAWNY’s new release is a bold and exciting step into a sound with an edge. Heavy and aggressive guitar chords alongside JAWNY’s signature vocals create an engaging single on mistakes and self-sabotage. The catchy melody accompanied by sporadic moments of intense electrified guitar-implementation creates an exciting new single from JAWNY that feels like you’re going 100 miles per hour down the highway at midnight with the headlights off. If JAWNY’s new single is any indication of what future releases will sound like, then I believe we are in for some great music. This is JAWNY’s second single since “Anything You Want,” released back in February, and hopefully not the last of the year.

Listen to “Sabotage” by JAWNY below.