S.L.A.B. – [Perri Jones]

One of the newest R&B voices I have had the pleasure of coming across is Perri Jones. The incredibly impressive singer-songwriter has recently released her new single, entitled, “S.L.A.B.” Backed by a groove-inducing tempo and production, Perri Jones,’ new, release embodies the romanticism and feverish feelings that accompany newfound infatuation. The song’s title, an homage to the singer’s Houston raised car culture, artfully embodies Jones’, newfound love. Whether completely enamored by her lush vocals or euphoric harmonies, Perri Jones can not only sing but create a world with her voice, submerging listeners in her nostalgic brand of R&B. “S.L.A.B.” feels like a late-night drive with the windows down and marks Jones’ second single of the year coming on the heels of her June release, “Teardrops.” Pay close attention to the New York-based talent of Perri Jones because I highly doubt this will be the last we hear from her.

Listen to “S.L.A.B.” by Perri Jones below.