Asaad has become a frequent flyer here at Lyrical Lemonade, making his presence known whenever he decides to bless the world with new music. Today, the Philly representative is back once again to add to the list of features with two brand new singles – “S.A.R.S” produced by Cardo Got Wings and “Baby Bat”. Finding their identities within hard-nosed production and galvanizing deliveries, these two tracks come off as full of energy and devoid of any fluff. Asaad isn’t playing games both lyrically and vocally, and here, he presents direct proof in order to get rid of any confusion. While we don’t receive new music from this rising talent too often, when he finally does decide to strike, it always hits extra hard, and such is the case with “S.A.R.S” and “Baby Bat”. Asaad is taking over, so listen to his latest offerings at the links below!