Last week, Gunna’s highly anticipated sophomore album WUNNA hit the digital shelves of our music libraries and fans have clearly received it incredibly. It’s projected to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart which is obviously not an easy feat, and the Atlanta star has his fans to thank for their continued support and admiration of his music. Personally, I was a fan as well, but I still think Gunna held back from truly unleashing his full potential on certain tracks. Some of the songs were fantastic and they’re sure to be played on repeat for the foreseeable future, but others just seemed to box him into what people expect from him and not allow him to truly go off the rails as we’ve seen before. Either way, it’s definitely a project I’ll be returning to consistently moving forward and for that, I’m beyond pleased.

One of my favorite songs off of the project was probably “ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS” which has now received a music video treatment. Gunna’s favorite beat smith Wheezy built the production of this hit with building, momentous synths, a few intergalactic noises, and some pretty deep 808s that are almost unrecognizable with everything else going on. Gunna starts out with a pretty passionate delivery before taking a step back and calming himself down for a few lines. This seems to be a common theme for him throughout the song, as he ramps up his enthusiasm and expression before pacifying himself in order to not get too worked up about the themes he’s discussing. His flow is very stable as he recites lines in a quick manner prior to giving them a slight moment to linger before doing the same thing once again. He utilizes this same cadence in the second verse, but he actually extends the lines and uses a briefer pause, showing off a truly impressive variation of this rhyme scheme. This song is all about how Gunna lives a Rockstar life as he boasts about this way of living, talking about his lavish diamond-studded accessories, the drugs he’s taking, and all of the cars he owns, among many other flexes.

As for the music video, Gunna proves that he really is a Rockstar anywhere he goes, even in outer space, which is exactly where he takes us. The visual begins as the camera zooms in on a spaceship before entering and showing off a pure white triangular hallway that the rapper spends a lot of his time in. The first glimpse we see of Gunna is in some sort of clear chamber covered in digital dials and molecular structures as he smokes a blunt. At first, he and the other few people in the video are dressed in all-black outfits with metal accents that scream Rock & Roll. As the talent makes his way through the hallways, he recites his lines while some background dancers perform a choreographed dance in unison. Eventually, we’re taken to a more open, spaced-out room where Gunna and some of his friends pick up guitars that shoot fireballs, so they proceed to spray fire in the all-white room as beautiful ladies hang out around them. One more scene takes them to a place that looks more like a film studio than a spaceship, but a motorcycle rests in Gunna’s rearview as two women sit on it and vibe out along with him.

After seeing the music video for “SKYBOX” take us to the Middle East and the visual for “WUNNA” take us to a tropical island, I had no clue where Gunna was going to take us moving forward. I guess outer space was the only option, and this was truly a fun and entertaining video. It definitely got the point across that he’s clearly a Rockstar and the leather, fire, and wildlife he portrays come through clear as day carrying this message. The track itself was already great in my opinion so the fact that he was able to match the vibe and truly portray this wild lifestyle in such a creative, intriguing fashion is definitely notable. Although it’s going to make you take a break from repeatedly listening to WUNNA for a moment, you need to tune into the new music video for “ROCKSTAR BIKERS & CHAINS” as soon as possible.