Psycho – [Blxty] x [Mental] x [Orchid]

Pure chemistry seems to always stand out in such an effective manner when it comes to music in this light. Collaborative art is always benefited by like-minded creators at the helm of a given offering, and this fact rings especially true when these particular artists already find themselves in a community that is all-but-centered around collaboration in its entirety. 

That is a position in which the trio of Blxty, Mental, and Orchid find themselves in at this very moment. All three of them are rising up the ranks within the modern online music landscape, and each of their individual talents seem to compliment each other far more than the average three people from this very scene at all. 

Though past offerings have proven their heightened sense of chemistry in a variety of combinations, all three have come together for arguably their best work together yet with the recently released “Psycho” — a track that not only fulfills the promise of flaunting their chemistry together in itself, but also showcases what each of these incredible acts do so well as individual talents. 

The three are given an outstanding setting to accomplish these things within in the form of a masterful instrumental provided by Maknae and 4am — a beat that sees its glistening synths artfully contrasted with the powerfully dense percussion and complimenting low-end. It stays in the background just comfortably enough for the trio to fully burst out of the mix in an effective manner. 

They end up doing even more than just making themselves known however; they truly take the spotlight and completely run with it. Blxty’s hook is among their absolute best they have ever come through with, as its catchy, yet sentimentally-delivered tone offers both the perfect entrance and exit alike for this experience. Orchid’s verse is the most intense and upfront of the three portions here, and it sees its place towards the middle of the track being supplemented as a result. Their dynamic delivery sees Mental’s far more calmed and subdued one as its beautiful opposite, serving as the final piece to this magnificent puzzle they were able to put together as a cohesive unit. 

It cannot be understated how well collaborations of this nature work to elevate these modern and still-surging sounds. They essentially push the artists who do them best towards the forefront of the respective scene they are representing, and to say that these three are already at that point would be an understatement to say the very least. A track like this is the most recent, and arguably the best example of why that is undoubtedly the case here.