Premiere: Feel It – [YSB Tril]

North Carolina’s YSB Tril returns to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his action-packed video for “Feel It.” If you’ve ever been to Clayton, North Carolina you’d be amazed that there was a kid this talented hailing from a small town that pretty much doesn’t have anything. That’s the beauty of the internet and how technology has advanced and unearth artists’ careers from everywhere. Tril has already collected over 3 million streams independently so it would seem as if the Clayton emcee is poised for a breakthrough in 2020. The video for “Feel It” emulates a video game, and it really makes you feel like you’re in a movie such as Ready Player One or Gamer.

The 19-year-old rapper gave some insight on the creative process behind this record and the visuals. “This one means a lot to me, there’s a lot of people who said I couldn’t do this whole music thing and thought I was stupid for even attempting it. This song is kind of my way proving them all wrong and lets me know if they didn’t show love in the beginning, I don’t need the love now. Shooting the video was crazy, definitely the longest it’s taken to shoot a video for me but also the most fun.”

Watch YSB Tril’s video for “Feel It” directed by Rick Lancaster for yourself below.